How To Practice Mindfulness Throughout The Day

How To Practice Mindfulness Throughout The Day

Mindfulness has been reported to make true changes in both the brain and the body – strengthening and healing. If you don’t know how to practice mindfulness, here are insights and tools for how to stay mindful throughout the day. Read on…

One day – back in 2013 – my son Ari and I were heading to daycare – the same exact route we always go.

Yep. Every day, we strollered down the same street to get there.

I liked to talk with Ari, as we strollered – always pointing out things to notice.

  • “Look at that dog in a bright pink coat!”
  • “The air feels a little wet – like it could rain.”
  • “That woman we just passed smells like flowery perfume.”

So on this particular day it occurred to me to point out something entirely new to Ari: a fun daily mindfulness practice.

How To Practice Mindfulness Throughout The Day

I pointed out to Ari how even though we always go the same exact path to daycare daily, things are always different. In some way. On this supposedly exact same path.

  • The people walking down the street alongside us are different people.
  • The cars we’re passing are different cars and, thereby, lots of different colors.
  • The weather in the air has a different temperature – and even a different smell sometimes.
  • Our clothes are different.
  • The conversation we’re having is different.

When you practice mindfulness, the possibilities in each day are always different.

I told Ari we should both be aware of what is different each day – because each day holds something new to see, something new to hear, something new to learn, something new to experience.

And it’s true.

Mindfulness Tools - To Bring More Daily HappinessAll of this kinda reminds me of a Paulo Cuelho quote:

“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.”

It also kinda reminds me of what Nobel Prize winning scientist Daniel Kahneman shares.

Kahenman says that we all experience about 20,000 individual “moments” in a day.

According to Kahneman, each of these individual “moments” lasts but a mere few seconds.

When you’re fully, mindfully present (instead of being caught up with regrets about the past or worries about the future) you’re able to appreciate life’s beautiful “now time” moments – and thereby our life doesn’t become one big “blur time.”

I’m a believer that part of the reason we love music and art is because they are opportunities to live in “now time” – not “blur time.”

When we’re listening to a song we love – or gazing steadfast at a painting which entrances us – we’re fully present in a “still frame” moment – mindfully in “now time.”

The same thing goes for why we doubly enjoy a delicious meal.

Sure, yummy food is fun to eat. But part of why it’s fun is because we’re stopped in time when we savor an awesome taste sensation!

Mindfulness Tools - To Bring More Daily HappinessI also believe that “now time” is how you create a MEMORY!

When you’re living mindfully in the moment you’re “freeze framing” a moment in time – and this is what creates a MEMORY!

It then makes sense that the less memories you have during specific times in your life, the more likely it’s because you were speed-forwarding through each moment – not living in “now time.”

Likewise, the more memories you have from specific times in your life, it’s because these were precious times.

These were times when you were deeply aware of the miracles of your life – and living minfully and consciously.

Enjoy More Mindfulness In Your Day

If you want to love your life more – you can begin by living and loving more of it – by living mindfully and loving more of those teeny-tiny, awesome mindful moments in your day!

Decide now to be more mindful

Make a commitment that from now on you will choose to practice mindfulness.

Start to keep your eyes open for what makes a “new today” different than any other day.

  • You will experience more happiness on a daily basis.
  • A month from now you will be able to look back and have more happy memories to appreciate.

Family Mindfulness Tool:

Remember that famous game of “I Spy”- which one usually plays with toddlers?

Well, guess what?

“I Spy” is a fun “mindfulness game” to play with all family members.

Howard, Ari and I all love to point out to one another all the interesting people and things we see as we walk down the street together. When we do this, we are all practicing daily mindfulness.

Playing “I Spy” Is A Mindfulness Technique

I promise that if you regularly play “I Spy” with your family, and purposefully point out all the beautiful and/or the interesting things/people in your surroundings, you will train your brain to live more in the now.

You will be building up your “mindfulness muscles” – by teaching your brain to focus on joyful moments – instead of obsessing about the past or fearing the future!

Eventually you all will wind up experiencing far more daily happiness. 

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(14) comments

Lovely article, as always! Gratitude to you Karen! xx


I share your sentiments and have taught my children this very thing!!! Great article!

eilish bouchier

Too true there is beauty in every moment if we stop to notice it. Great post x eilish

Susan Spira

Such an important message. With every new day we see the same things through a different perspective. The more our understanding and appreciation for that which is really important in life, the brighter the colors we will see! With love, Susan


Such a great message! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

anne tuinzing

Dear Karin, please go on with writing over the “teachings” of your “little Buddha” Arii! There are so much ” little Buddha’s ” coming down to earth to teache us! We have only to listen to them and to look to their actions to change our lifestyle. With the LIGHT of THE SUN, anne ( the Netherlands)


I loved this post 9 months ago & love it even more today! Thank you 🙂


so awesome. I woke up this morning thinking along these same lines. Wonderful to be reminded by your words.

Moshe Oliveira

Hello Karen
I stumbled upon your post on a friend of mine’s FB page. She is a Kabbalah Student and we learn that we have to cease the moment as we have to be fully there for us and for the others.
I do live a fast life, working 12 hours a day (my dream job, though. Happy as ever). My struggle is to make moments matter the most.
Reading your story, it was a breath of fresh air. I gotta look around more and understand that we cannot be blind to the beauty around us.
Thanks for the remarkable points you made. They will go a long way.
Love and Light,
Moshe ~ Brazil


Now time a concept within itself, a time to be conscious and refrain from self loathing


what a great idea! so beauty.. I like it :)))

Laura Tillman Michaud

This is very interesting, because as I read it, it reminded me of how my father, who is 88 and has Alzheimer’s is in some ways finding new things every day. Or even the familiar is new to him each day. It is an important skill for someone who is losing their memories to be able to find meaning and happiness IN THE MOMENT. He still has many memories, the farther back, the more he remembers. But more recent things, not so much. Eventually, he will have less and less of his memories. So learning to find joy and beauty in the moment is a blessing.


Many people do not understand why I do not get bored with my pretty rigid daily routines. I didn’t realize why I don’t get bored with my life until I read this. Everyday the universe shifts and I find new and different things in the same places. Part in which is when my heart is open to receive. Thank u for sharing.


Thank you, I needed this to remind me that there is so much to enjoy each day, and new delights to uncover! I have been having a “pity” party for myself, because of endings and changes happening in my life. I was widowed six and half years ago, and during that time I relied on a friend who was in the same boat as me … we travelled together and talked for hours on the phone. Now that has changed; she has found a new man and I don’t hear from her as much … she has moved on. I have been feeling stuck and becoming a recluse. I have been depressed thinking of getting older and that there was nothing more of interest in life for me. I am grateful for the peace and comfort that I have around me, but had lost my passion for living. You have inspired me, and now I realize that it is up to me to find the joy in living … one day at a time … Namaste

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