More Effective Communication Skills: 10 Phrases To Use

Phrases for More Effective Communication SkillsIf you want to experience more effective communication skills, here are 10 phrases to use in conversations and business meetings.

Ever felt like you’re speaking, but nobody’s really listening to you?

Or …maybe you’ve had those moments when words just tumble out, and you think, “Did I actually say that out loud?”

Hey, we’ve all been there, feeling as if we’re not connecting with others in the deep way we wish to connect.

And it’s getting harder and harder to connect. We’re living in a world drowning in emojis, tweets, and texts, where real conversations sometimes feel like they’re on the brink of extinction.

Plus many folks struggle with communication skills because of past experiences, fear of judgment, or simply never having been taught the right tools.

No worries I’m here to help – by sharing with you 10 phrases to use in conversations and business meetings – so you can start enjoying more effective communication skills.

The Basics of Effective Communication

First things first – effective communication isn’t about fancy words or charismatic flair. It’s about clarity, authenticity, and a sprinkle of empathy. 

I’m sharing this guide on communication skills because I’m a leading Behavioral Change Expert – and I believe we all have the power to change our lives and become better communicators.

I’ve written about this in my the bestselling book “Happy Habits”. Plus I also share about the power of micro-habits to change your life – inside “The Tweak A Week Online Course”.

So if you’ve been wanting to improve your communication skills, here are 10 simple phrases to start using to help you to better connect with people – and be heard.

10 Phrases For More Effective Communication Skills

1. “I hear you.”

Why it boosts your communication: Active listening is a powerful tool. This phrase shows that you’re not only hearing the words but understanding the emotion behind them.

Use it when: Someone shares a concern or issue with you. It establishes trust.

2. “Help me understand…”

Why it boosts your communication: This phrase promotes clarity without confrontation, showing you’re open to learning.

Use it when: You’re trying to bridge a gap in a conversation or debate.

3. “Your perspective is valuable.”

Why it boosts your communication: It acknowledges the worth of the other person’s viewpoint, fostering mutual respect.

Use it when: Engaging in a discussion where there might be differing opinions.

4. “I appreciate your patience.”

Why it boosts your communication: It acknowledges potential frustrations and shows gratitude.

Use it when: Things are taking longer than expected or if there’s been a misunderstanding.

5. “Let’s find a solution together.”

Why it boosts your communication: It promotes collaboration rather than confrontation.

Use it when: Facing a challenge or disagreement.

6. “I could be wrong, but…”

Why it boosts your communication: It’s a gentle lead-in that’s less confrontational, but still allows you to express your viewpoint.

Use it when: You want to share a differing perspective.

7. “Thank you for sharing that.”

Why it boosts your communication: It’s an acknowledgment that fosters openness.

Use it when: Someone confides in you or offers feedback.

8. “What are your thoughts?”

Why it boosts your communication: This invites dialogue and shows that you value input.

Use it when: Brainstorming or seeking input on an idea.

9. “How can I support you?”

Why it boosts your communication: It shows empathy and a willingness to be there for the other person.

Use it when: Someone is going through a challenging time.

10. “Let’s take a step back.”

Why it boosts your communication: It suggests a moment of pause for clarity and reflection, avoiding hasty reactions.

Use it when: Conversations become heated or emotionally charged.

Recap: More Effective Communication Skills

By now, you’ve hopefully absorbed some golden nuggets to elevate your communication game.

Remember, mastering communication isn’t a one-time deal, it’s an ongoing journey. But every journey is smoother with the right tools and guidance.

If you’re craving even more behavioral change wisdom, I’m here for you. Let’s jump on a Zoom call, one-on-one, and work through your communication hurdles together. Book a free exploratory call here.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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