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When someone instantly makes your heart beat faster, you might feel as if you’re experiencing “love at first sight.”

However… what you’re really experiencing is “infatuation at first sight.” 

After all,  in those first throes of love, you’re simply falling for a person’s superficial self.

You do not yet know who they are in their inner core – their soul – their character.

Nowadays, people who are interested in their physical health make sure that they take time to read the ingredients on a package of yummy, tempting food.

Health conscious people check to see if something yummy might create longterm danger to their health.

If you value healthy relationships, you must think of yourself as being emotionally health conscious!

You should take time to find out what’s truly inside a yummy person – before you let them into your emotional system!

You must remember…

Just because someone is packaged as tempting and yummy, doesn’t mean they are good for you!

It’s worth it to take time to find out what’s truly inside of a tempting, yummy person.

It’s essential you make sure that they do not have lots of  “bad character value ingredients” – which could eventually create heart problems, headaches galore and a range of dangers to your emotional health!

Your Assignment:

Start to think of yourself as being “emotionally health conscious.” Every time you check a label on a food item, remind yourself that it’s important to think about what “emotional and character ingredients” are inside of yummy people too.

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