Physical Intimacy Tips for Frustrated Couples

managing erectile dysfunctionIf you and your partner are frustrated with your physical intimacy, here are some tips so you can continue to enjoy a happy, healthy relationship.

In the last decade or so there’s been a lot more open discussion around managing physical intimacy issues. Thankfully people are starting to talk openly about the causes, the myths, and treatments.

But even with all the strides made in speaking more freely about this struggle, it can be difficult to handle and tough on a relationship.

No worries I’m here to help. As you might know, I’m a bestselling relationship author, and founder of the popular online course Secrets of Happy Couples.

I love helping couples to improve to their romance, attraction, intimacy and connection. So I put together this quick guide on physical intimacy tips for frustrated couples.

Managing Physical Intimacy Issues

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to deal with physical intimacy issues in a relationship. How can you improve upon your situation? What can you do to strengthen your bond with your partner in the process? Read on to find out.

Defining a Physical Intimacy Problem

healthy happy quoteAn erection problem occurs when a man experiences the inability to sustain one long enough to achieve penetration and/or orgasm.

Unfortunately, many men struggle with the emotional and physical consequences of not being able to “perform.”

In some situations, the patient is still able to enjoy pleasure. But they struggle when it comes to actual intercourse.

Many things cause physical intimacy dysfunction:

Each of these health issues can be treated by the proper medical professional – whether it’s your MD or a licensed therapist.

Whatever the cause can have a significant impact on a man’s self-esteem and happiness.

Plus it can create frustration and self esteem issues with their partner as well.

how to deal with erectile dysfunctionHow Physical Intimacy Issues Affect Couples

Men struggling with their ability to complete physical intimacy can feel very frustrated.

Some men might see this struggle as a symbol that they lack manliness and fertility.

Even in today’s modern world, men experience pressure to show their machismo, including:

  • pressure to fully perform in the bedroom
  • expectations to be ready at a moment’s notice
  • urgings to last a long time

However, today’s modern world also brings many modern stresses:

  • exhaustion after a long day at work
  • anxiety from financial burdens
  • worries about childcare
  • a range of health issues

All of these aspects affect men both physically and emotionally. In fact, these stressors can have a big impact on both their mood and their sexual performance.

Eventually, men’s partners might begin to worry:

  • It’s their attractiveness that’s at fault. (And that’s why their partner has lost interest in making the moves or simply can’t perform.)
  • Their husband is having an affair. (And this is why he is unable to achieve an orgasm since he’s getting sex with someone else.)
  • Perhaps their partner has an addiction to pornography. (And this can often be an issue for men who struggle to get an erection in real-life situations.)

managing erectile dysfunction love karen salmansohnAs a result, insecurity can grow in both partners –  which can be difficult to overcome.

Eventually, these various stresses in a relationship can then make an erection even more challenging to achieve and intimacy harder to find.

Please know that more often than not, ED is caused by more than one stressor in your life. And as you tackle each issue, you’ll soon find you’re enjoying your relationship again, both sexually and otherwise.

How to Manage Physical Intimacy Issues in a Relationship

It’s not easy for most couples to talk about physical intimacy issues. But speaking openly can be the best step in managing the problems surrounding erection problems.

Good Communication is Key

managing erectile dysfunctionYour partner probably has lots of questions about why you seem hesitant to engage in physical intimacy with them, as well as many misconceptions.

When you choose to speak openly, you can assure your partner that it has less to do with your love and attraction for them, and more to do with other factors.

It’s important that you spend time identifying and discussing both the causes of your ED, as well as a path for treatment, in order to bring you each closer together again.

Cut yourselves some slack

You must recognize that all relationships go through ups and downs, including when it comes to intimacy.

Make sure you don’t allow your current struggle to define the future of your physical intimacy together. You must recognize that things won’t always be perfect. But if you can come to terms with that understanding, you can be more relaxed in general – which can only help.

Examine your lifestyle

It’s pretty obvious to say – but you should seek support from a trusted doctor.  Get a series of physical exams and blood tests to find out if you have a health issue.

You might also want to generally improve the way you eat or the amount of sleep you get.

Basically, don’t underestimate how much the things you eat, the exercise you get (or don’t get), and the sleep you’re missing out on, can contribute to erection problems.

Consider counseling

You might want to ask for help from an experienced therapist. Seeing someone as a couple can help you and your partner to work on practicing patience, acceptance, and understanding. As a result, doing so will improve your struggle with ED – as well as your closeness as a couple. Institutions like Lyndhurst medical clinic can give you options for treatments if ever you’re in the area.

You might also want to go to a therapist alone. But either way, be sure to keep an open discussion on the issues at hand.

Explore supplements and vitamins

There are also lots of supplements and vitamins that you might want to consider looking into that can assist you with ED. Compare the different options and what others’ experiences have been with each so you can choose the best options for yourself.

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