Why I recommend writing a To Be List before a To Do List

Why I recommend writing a "To Be List" before a "To Do List"A lot of people write to do lists each day. I recommend writing To be lists. Here’s why…

Remember how Frank Sinatra sang “Do Be Do Be Do”?

Well, Frank’s a great crooner—but he’s a dyslexic self-help guru.

To live your happiest life, you gotta sing “Be Do Be Do Be Do.”

There are many benefits which come from focusing on being before doing!

Let me explain…

Right now, you are probably walking around thinking a variety of things such as, I want to…

  • “make lots of money.”
  • “have lots of loving, loyal friends.”
  • “experience others finding me sexy and appealing.”
  • “live a wildly happy life.”

Now, to get a lot of money, friends and love, you need to get clear on the qualities you need to improve in yourself in order to attract more successful life results!

Are you being disciplined, organized, warm, loving, patient, self-loving, intuitive, calm, confident, courageous, open-minded, generous and empathic?

Your identity will always determine your destiny.

Who you think you are – and who you actually are – will always affect what you choose to do.

Plus “who you are” will also influence how people and the world at large respond to you.

For this reason, it is very important to write a to-be list inside of a journal – every day.

Even before you write your to-do list.

After all, who you think you are will always affect…

  • what takes the top spots on your to-do list
  • how well you are able to check off items on your to-do list

Why I recommend writing a "To Be List" before a "To Do List"How Your “To Be List” Influences Your “To Do List”

Let’s say you value being a good friend. And you want a life with lots of loving friendships.

Well, then you must write down what “to be’s” you need to work on the most – when it comes to being a good friend.

Examples: being warm, loving, patient, intuitive, calm, confident, generous and empathic.

After you write up this friendship to be list – then chances are you will brainstorm up some extra friendship to-do’s – to put on your to do list.

Example: You might want to check in with specific friends – and see how they are doing.

The net result: You will wind up attracting the highest quality friendships you can have.

Think About it:

Let’s say you start becoming more consistently aware of being things like: kind, honest, loving, patient, communicative and loyal person.

As a result, soon you will wind up creating more positive habits  – with will then get you happier life results!

One way to keep this in mind is to consistently ask yourself:

“Who do I need to become to get all that I want in life?”

I love this question.

You can solve a lot of your present problems by asking yourself this question!

For example…

Think about one of your present problems

Do you have a problem in mind?

Now ask yourself that question above: “Who do you need to be to get all that you want in your life?”

Next, think about adjectives you need to be in order to help your problem to go away. Or at least have your problem gets a wee bit smaller.

Maybe you need to be more:  patient, disciplined, courageous, forgiving…?

More examples…

Let’s say you realize that you are having lots of fights with people – because you are not very good at being warmly direct.

You need to write down in your journal “to be warmly direct” as one of your to be’s.

Or let’s say you’re having relationship issues – because you’re not a good listener—and your love partner feels unheard.

You need to write down  the words “to be a good listener” in your journal – and decide to be this!

Basically, you need to start every day asking yourself…

“Who do I need to become to get all that I want and deserve in life?”

Then, take time to brainstorm up new adjectives for your to-be list.

And…If there is a moment when you are tempted to not be your chosen to-be word (and there probably will be), immediately refocus and repeat a mantra that goes something like this:

“The old me used to be XXX quality. The new me is this new YYY quality.”

By constantly repeating mantras like these, you will retrain your brain to think like the new you —creating new actions, new perceptions and better life options!

Now, go and be!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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