Have you heard about The “Do Good, Feel Good Phenomenon”?

Have you heard about  the “Do Good, Feel Good Phenomenon”?

Researchers have discovered that the more people do acts of altruism, the higher they raise their self-esteem – and thereby the higher they also raise their happiness.

(Scroll down for a poster which sums this up!)

The “Do Good, Feel Good Phenomenon” works like this…

  • When someone does something good for someone else, they get a happiness high.
  • This hit of “feeling good” makes altruistic people want to continue to do more positive, loving habits.
  • By doing this good stuff, these people then continue to feel even better about themselves.
  • By feeling better about themselves, this then makes these people want to continue to do even more acts of altruism.
  • And onward the upward cycle goes!

Unfortunately this cycle also works in the opposite direction.

  • The unhappy can become unhappier by indulging in negative behaviors.
  • When people do negative actions they then lower their self esteem.
  • When people lower their self esteem, they feel more unhappy.
  • As a result of this unhappiness, these people then want to do more negative behaviors.
  • When people do more negative habits, they further lower their self esteem, which then further makes them want to do negative behaviors – and soon they find themselves on a downward spiral.

Down, down, down their mood spiral goes – and the results for their life goes.

So, watch out for those downward spirals!

Get yourself hooked on the Do-Good-Feel-Good upward spiral instead.

Below is an inspirational quote poster I designed – which sums this up quickly.

Pass it on..and boost your upward spiral! 🙂

salmansohn feel good do good infinity 2
Do good,  feel good. Feel good, do good. Keep the cycle going. – Karen Salmansohn

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