Betty White’s Secrets to Living Longer And Happier

Betty White's Living Longer TipsBetty White is an inspiring role model for living longer and happier. Here are some of her secrets – with explanations for how what she’s doing is actually backed by science (and Ryan Reynolds!). Read on…

NOTE:  Sadly, Betty White just passed away as of Dec. 31 2021.

She lived an amazing and inspiring life. This article was written when Betty White was a thriving 97 year old. Below are some of her secrets to living longer and happier.

Betty White just celebrated her 97th birthday!

I’ll have whatever Betty has been having!

She’s a definite role model for aging the fun way!

Plus of course Betty celebrated her 97th birthday in a very cool fashion.

97 year young Betty White played poker with her close friends – who she’s been actively playing poker with for many years.

“Betty is feeling great,” a rep told People Magazine: “She has the absolute best sense of humor.”

What can we learn from Betty White about living longer?

As you might know, I wrote a bestselling longevity book called “Life is Long: 50+ ways to live a little closer to forever.” 

Betty White is doing 3 specific longevity secrets!

Betty White’s Living Longer Tip 1

  • If you want to keep on living, you might want to keep on making a living.

According to Harvard’s famed Longevity Project, those who made it into higher levels of old age were folks who enjoyed fulfilling careers and continued to work — at least on a part time basis — well into their 70’s.

Betty White's Living Longer Tip

Here’s a photo of Betty White from when she first started acting!

Well, check it out! Betty is continuing to work well into her 90’s!

I have a term I use – Wellderly – which means that although you might be growing older, you don’t feel old or act your age!

Betty is definitely part of The Wellderly Club – which I am also subscribed to!

These days you see more and more older Hollywood folks –still actively working – well into their 90’s. 

Peter Flax interviewed a range of these actors. Each consistently agreed that their passionate work “kept them in good spirits and out of assisted living.”

The always cheery Betty White (94 at the time) told Peter: “When you’re doing something you love to do, that’s got to be a healthy thing.”

karen salmansohn and mom living longer

My 87 year young mom recording the narration for my longevity book!

I think actively working keeps you living longer because it taps into another famed longevity practice – called “plan de vida” – translated as “reason to live.”

Plan de vida is common philosophy of spritely elders living in Nicoya, Costa Rica – a famed centenarian hotspot. These centenarians credit their longevity to “living with a purpose.”

Pssst….My 87 year young mom is a longtime actress and voiceover narrator – and she is practicing “plan de vida.” She is still busy working.

In fact, my 87 year young mom was the voiceover narrator for my audio book of Life is Long

Up above is a photo of my mom at 87 from the Audible recording session of Life is Long! Doesn’t she look awesome?

Betty White’s Living Longer Tip 2

  • Don’t laugh, but research shows laughter helps you to live longer.

Betty White's 97th Birthday: 3 of Her Secrets to Living Longer And HappierLaughter has been shown to boost the immune system, increase natural killer cell activity in the blood, increase free radical-scavenging capacity in saliva and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol – and control/reduce pain levels.

Betty White has an awesome sense of humor – and is always finding reasons to laugh- which has definitely helped her to age gracefully.

More perks to giggling:

  • A study from the Foundation for the Advancement of International Science (in Japan) showed that laughter seems to lower levels of a dangerous protein involved in the progression of diabetic nepropathy – a kidney disease that occurs as a result of diabetes and which is the leading cause of kidney failure.
  • Laughing is good for inflammation – the bad guy culprit in a wide range of diseases from arthritis to cancer. As a result, laughter can help reduce age-related chronic diseases which are frequently caused by inflammation.
  • A study in Oxford University Press stated that blood levels of key inflammatory compounds dropped considerably after patients with rheumatoid arthritis watched a humorous film.

I also think that laughing it up” works to keep you younger because usually you’re laughing with a loved one.

Longevity studies also report that the better your social life, the better your whole life!

  • In 2010, researchers at Brigham Young University published a fascinating study: People who enjoyed strong social ties had a 50% increased likelihood of survival over a period of 7.5 years – in comparison to folks with weak or no social ties.

Plus, here’s a 3rd secret to longevity – which relates back to the importance of enjoying loving social ties with people!

Betty White’s Living Longer Tip 3

  • Get to flirt with Ryan Reynolds!

Betty White's 97th Birthday: 3 of Her Secrets to Living Longer And Happier

Photo of Betty White and Ryan Reynold’s from Ryan’s instagram @vancityreynolds

Sweet Ryan Reynolds wished his The Proposal costar a happy birthday on Instagram – in a very longevity-boosting way!

Ryan expressed his love for Betty – even joking that they had been romantically involved – and shared a sweet photo of himself and Betty staring adoringly at each other.

“I don’t usually wish ex-girlfriends Happy Birthday. But Betty’s special. Happy Birthday to the one and only Betty White,” Reynolds wrote on his instagram feed.

Geez, Ryan, if you’re listening. I’d be happy for you to share a message like this for me when I turn 59 next year!

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