Life Is Long – Endnotes

Life Is Long - EndnotesLIFE IS LONG is an inspiring longevity book written by Karen Salmansohn – with 50+ tips to help you live a little closer to forever.

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Below are the endnotes for LIFE IS LONG.


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1. Eat Like An Immortal: Practice “Hara Hachi Bu”

Eric Hochman, M.D., “Doctor’s Notes: Hara Hachi Bu—To a Healthy and Happy New Year,” Naples Daily News, January 29, 2016,–to-a-healthy-and-happy-new-year-289dd07e-1c51-1ea1-e053-0100007f0f97-366986261.html.

2. Warning: Sugar Is a Sociopath!

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Nationally known health expert and Cleveland Clinic physician Mark Hyman talks about the benefits of dietary fat in a talk at Medina’s Performing Arts Center.


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Here’s the not-so-sweet truth. We are killings ourselves by consuming truckloads of hidden sugar. Sugar is the New Fat Despite 40 years of Americans being brainwashed into thinking that fat is bad, it turns out it’s sugar, not fat, that makes you sick and overweight. The facts are in, the science is beyond question. Sugar …


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3. Eat Sit and Die

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4. Get Your Vitamin Zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

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5. Live More Seasons with Seasonings

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6. Delete Meat

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7. Get Your Coffee Buzz On!

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8. Be Like Gumby

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10. If You Don’t Want to Bite the Dust, Brush Your Teeth!

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11. Live a Berry, Berry Long Time with Polyphenols

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12. Try a Fast to Slooooow Down Aging

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13. Give Yourself an Oil Change

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14. Be Pro-Probiotic

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15. The Longer Your Telomeres, the Longer Your Life

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16. Eating Old Food Will Make You Older Faster

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17. Hey Honey! Try Bee Pollen!

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18. Add Supplements to Add Years to Your Life

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Do You Know The Power of the Nrf2 Pathway?

Brain Grain Book

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19. Longevity Is about Not Just What You Eat, But Also What You Drink!

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20. A Secret Sauce for a Longer Life: Hot Sauce!

Mice Feel Less Pain Live Longer

Blocking pain receptors found to extend lifespan in mammals

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Blocking Pain Receptors Extends Lifespan, Mouse Study Suggests

The Intriguing Link Between Spicy Food and a Longer Life

21. Get Hooked on Fish

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22. Turn Up the Heat

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23. Dance Your Way to a Longer Life

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24. Kelp Can Help

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25. Wash Your Hands.

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26. Stop Dyeing to Be Beautiful

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27. If You Sweat A Lot, You Get A Lot

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28. What You Don’t See Can Kill You

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29. An Apple Cider Vinegar a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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30. Garlic: Bad for Vampires, Good for Humans

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31. Avoid This Strip Act

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32. Get a PhD in Your pH Levels

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33. Exhale Stress, Inhale Long Life

The Science of Meditation’s Effects on Aging

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34. Try the Chuckle Prescription

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35. Thinking Outside of the Box Can Keep You Outside of That Other Box!

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36. Helping Others Helps You Live Longer

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37. Bless Your Stress

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38. The Better Your Social Life, the Longer Your Whole Life!

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39. One of the Best Doctor’s Assistants Has Four Legs

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40. Delay When You Retire, Delay When You Expire

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41. Lie about Your Age

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42. Mindfully Create Your Food Commandments

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43. Score an “A” at Having a “C Personality”

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44. Avoid “Groaning” Older

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45. You Are Who You Eat With!

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46. Live and Learn: The More You Learn, the More You Live!

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