How To Have A More Positive Mindset About Your Challenges

How To Have Positive Mindset About Your Challenges

I’d love to help you to experience a more positive mindset about whatever challenge is stressing you out right now!

This “mental shift tool” will only take you just a few minute to do – and will help you so much.

I want you to view your challenges with the same lens as the 4 stages associated with the rise and fall of civilizations.

Why? Because the same 4 stages which lead to the the rise and fall of civilizations also apply to the rise and fall of various aspects of your life.

  • boom times
  • overconfidence
  • complacency
  • mini-collapse/bust

The downfall of civilizations – throughout history – play out in these 4 stages:

  1. A civilization will start off doing awesomely – experiencing what’s called “boom times.”
  2. As a result of “boom times,” there will be a period of overconfidence – a feeling of unstoppability – and being “the best in the world.”
  3. Because of this overconfidence, complacency then kicks in – along with its partners in crime “apathy,” “laziness,” “cocky risk taking,” and “obliviousness.”  
  4. As soon as a civilization starts to get complacent, it starts to coast on less effort and/or makes foolish choices – which then leads to its downfall!

If you examine this “4 Stage Pattern” closely, you’ll notice that these same 4 stages also easily apply to the rise and fall of a love relationship – or the rise and fall of a job – or the rise and fall of a diet – or the rise and fall of various challenges in your life!

In fact, if you’ve ever wondered why just when your life is going awesomely, suddenly things start to fall apart, it’s because relationships, jobs, diets (etc) all go through these same 4 stages: boom, over-confidence, complacency, mini-collapse/bust.

So, how do you protect your relationship, job and health from experiencing a total bust?

When you get to that “Stage 2” of “Confidence,” make sure you develop it into a “healthy kind of confidence” – the kind of confidence which bravely inspires you to stretch yourself all the more!

Don’t allow yourself to develop the “un-healthy kind of confidence” – which leads you into the dangerous arena of “Complacency”! 

Here are some synonyms for “Complacency” – so you know what to keep a look-out for NOT becoming:

apathetic, disinterested, insensible, uncurious, halfhearted, lukewarm, aloof, numb, careless, mindless, bigheaded, egotistic, self-important, smug, vain

Now that you’re a bit more aware of the troubles “Complacency” can cause, I want you to get familiar with the “Antidotes to Complacency.”

Look at this list of adjectives below, and make a decision when you get to “Stage 2” in that “4 Stage Process,” that you will channel your confidence into developing these traits instead…

attentive, aware, conscientious, thoughtful, mindful, committed, passionate, curious, interested, down-to-earth, humble, caring, soulful, appreciative, empathic

In Summary:

“Confidence” in itself is not a bad thing.  It’s only when you allow confidence to dangerously morph into “Complacency” that your problems begin.

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