16 Heart Touching Quotes About Smiling Through Pain

quotes smile through painIt’s tough to smile during challenging times, so here are some heart touching quotes about smiling through pain.

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I’m a bestselling author and a voracious happiness researcher – with about 2 million happiness-boosting books sold globally.

In my book Happy Habits, I share some interesting insights about smiling.

In fact, mindfully choosing to smile has been reported to help people to stay strong and move forward through grief and obstacles.

Here’s an excerpt about smiling through pain – from my Happy Habits book!

A 2008 study published in the Journal of Pain found showing an emotion can make you feel that particular emotion…

…even if you’re faking the smile at first!

For example . . .

  • If you smile, you will feel happier.
  • If you frown, you will feel sadder.

smile through pain quotesHaving trouble wiping that frown from your face?

A study from the University of Cardi found that people who did Botox—and who are thereby physically unable to frown—were actually happier on average.

Want more reasons to smile?

A UK study on smiling reported that one smile is the equivalent in “brain happiness stimulation” as two thousand chocolate bars.

How To Make Smiling a Habit

Next time you want to jumpstart a happier mood . . . smile! Need some extra support to smile? Well, here are…

16 Heart Touching Quotes About Smiling Through Pain

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quote about smiling through the pain salmansohn


quote about smiling through the pain


quote about smiling through the pain


make it through that problem karen salmansohn quote


positive thoughts outnumber fears and regrets salmansohn quote

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If you feel like giving up quote karen salmansohn


positive thought quote coffee salmansohn


patience trust process salmansohn quote


quote let go of old salmansohn


you still have time to become you quote


it's okay to rest quote salmansohn


it's okay to take it easy quote salmansohn SLOTH


MORE THAN MISTAKES quote salmansohn


what matters most in life quote need everybody like you


heart touching quote about smiling through the pain salmansohn


heart touching quote smiling through pain

Bonus Heart Touching Quotes About Smiling Through Pain

Heart Touching Quotes About Smiling Through Pain

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