How To Create A Family Friendly Home that Is A Dream Home

Do you live in a family friendly home – which feels like a dream home?

Does your place truly fit your lifestyle?

Are you constantly running out of storage?

Do you have enough rooms?

Are all the areas of your home being utilized well?

Raising kids and general life is hectic enough.  You want to make sure that your home is a place of calm – a true sanctuary for your family – a dream home.

How To Create A Family Friendly Home that Fits Your Lifestyle

Here are 3 ways to make sure your home truly feels like a home.

1. Renovate your existing home into a dream home

Do you love your home?

  • Maybe it’s in the perfect location, close to work, kids schools, friends and family.
  • Perhaps it holds significant sentimental value.
  • Maybe it’s your childhood home or your relatives helped you to buy it when you were first starting out.
  • Perhaps you have convenient people and place around your property – like schools, health clubs, friends, family.

family friendly homeIf you love these aspects of your home, might be reluctant to leave. Even if other aspects of your home don’t really suit your situation.

Thankfully, there are lots of renovations you can make to turn it into a home you love. You could convert your loft or build out the basement. You could create an extension. Or an orangery. Maybe have an ensuite bedroom fitted. You could have a garden room built. Or re-jig the layout by changing the walls inside. Take the time brainstorm up ways to renovate your home, so it better fits your lifestyle.

2. Build your dream home from scratch

Maybe renovating your existing property isn’t the right direction for you.

You might be limited by space or planning permissions. Or you just don’t love where you live right now enough to modify it.

If that’s the case, why not start from scratch?

As in, completely from scratch?

It might sound like an impossible dream to build your own home. But it can be done.

The first step is to contact residential architects and start putting your plans into action.

You can buy a plot of land and then create plans to create your perfect dream home.

The rooms will all be as you want them. You can every detail down to the finish on the windows.

Surprisingly, the cost of building a house from scratch isn’t usually any more than buying a similar house ready built. If you find savings and have a good team of tradespeople you might even save money. 

3. Buy a ‘shell’ to renovate into a dream home

dream homeFinally, if you’re happy to do a bit of renovation but your current home doesn’t suit, your best bet would be to find something with potential.

You need to start by looking for something at the right price, in the right area, and on a plot which suits your space needs.

Best of all, you don’t have to build completely from scratch. Instead you can work with the existing fabric of the building and change it to suit your needs.

When you start with a shell, you can ensure there are enough bedrooms for your kids so they don’t have to share. And you can make sure you have enough bathrooms for family life. And a layout that works for you.

Renovating from a shell can be much cheaper than buying a property that’s ready to move into. And you still get to call the shots when it comes to the layout and finishes.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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