3 Keys To Break Free From The Diet Roller Coaster

Keys To Break Free From The Diet Roller CoasterAre you tired of the endless ups and downs of the diet roller coaster and ready to break free? Do you find yourself swinging between strict eating regimes and guilt-ridden indulgences and want to stop?

Well, I’m here to show you how to step off that tumultuous diet ride and head down the path towards lasting healthy eating habits.

In this journey, we won’t be counting calories or obsessing over scales. Instead, we’ll explore three profound keys – the Inner Critic, the Inner Boss, and the Inner Higher Self. These are the 3 gatekeepers to a healthier relationship with food and your body.

I’m sharing about this because I am a bestselling wellness author of the longevity book Life is Long: 50+ Tips To Live A Little Closer To Forever.

Plus I founded the nutritionist recommended online program The Stop Emotional Eating Course.

I am committed to helping people to live their healthiest lives.

3 Keys To Break Free From The Diet Roller Coaster

Coming up we will dive deep into each of the 3 keys to getting off the weight loss rollercoaster. We’ll explore how these keys influence your eating habits, body image, and overall relationship with yourself.

1. Understanding the Inner Critic

The Inner Critic Defined

Imagine a tiny, overzealous editor living inside your head, armed with a red pen, ready to underline every so-called ‘flaw’ or ‘mistake’ you make. This is your Inner Critic. It’s the voice that chides you for having that extra slice of pizza or for not fitting into jeans from a decade ago. This critic isn’t just nitpicky. It’s relentless and often bases its judgments on unrealistic, socially constructed ideals.

Psychological Impacts

The Inner Critic doesn’t just whisper in your ear; it shouts, impacting how you see food and your body. It turns meals into moral dilemmas – is this ‘good’ or ‘bad’? This dichotomous thinking is psychologically taxing. It can lead to a strained relationship with food, where eating becomes a source of stress rather than nourishment and joy.

When it comes to body image, the Inner Critic can be a real bully. It distorts your self-perception, often leading to a negative body image. This isn’t just about feeling uncomfortable in your skin. It’s a deep-seated issue that can affect your overall mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and unhealthy eating patterns.

Managing the Inner Critic

It’s time to put this critic in its place.

  • First, recognize its presence. Awareness is half the battle. When you hear that critical voice, pause and ask yourself, “Is this thought helpful or harmful?”
  • Next, challenge its narrative. If your Inner Critic says, “You shouldn’t have eaten that,” counter with, “I’m allowed to enjoy food.”
  • Finally, cultivate self-compassion. Speak to yourself like you would to a dear friend. It’s about rewiring those neural pathways, remember? With practice, this new, kinder voice can become your default.

2. Empowering the Inner Boss

Defining the Inner Boss

Now, meet the Inner Boss – the part of you that’s confident, decisive, and rooted in self-respect. This is the voice that says, “I choose what’s best for me.” Unlike the Inner Critic, the Inner Boss is empowering, helping you to make choices that align with your well-being.

The Role in Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

The Inner Boss is pivotal in sustainable lifestyle changes. It’s not swayed by fad diets or societal pressures. Instead, it helps you make choices based on what truly nourishes your body and soul. This is about long-term health, not just short-term appearances.

Cultivating the Inner Boss

How do you empower this boss?

  • Start by setting clear, achievable goals. Maybe it’s incorporating more vegetables into your meals or prioritizing sleep.
  • Then, practice mindfulness. Be present in your choices. When you eat, eat with intention, savoring each bite, rather than mindlessly snacking.
  • Lastly, affirm your autonomy. Remind yourself that you are in control of your choices. This empowerment leads to a healthier relationship with food and your body.

3. Connecting with the Inner Higher Self

Understanding the Inner Higher Self

Your Inner Higher Self is the guru part of your mind. It’s the part of you that embodies wisdom, compassion, and a deep connection to your core values. It sees beyond temporary cravings or societal standards to what truly matters – your overall well-being.

Philosophical Insights

The Inner Higher Self understands that your relationship with food and your body is about more than just aesthetics. It’s a reflection of your relationship with yourself. This wisdom helps in creating a balanced, fulfilling approach to eating and self-care.

Strengthening the Inner Higher Self

To tap into this wisdom, start with introspection.

  • Reflect on what truly makes you feel good, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.
  • Practice gratitude. Appreciate your body for what it can do, not just how it looks.
  • And finally, engage in positive self-talk. Affirmations like “I am worthy of respect and care” can reinforce your Inner Higher Self.

Integrating the Three Keys to Break Free From The Diet Roller Coaster

 Keys To Break Free From The Diet Roller CoasterBreaking free from the diet roller coaster isn’t about silencing one voice in favor of another. It’s about creating a harmonious choir. The Inner Critic, Boss, and Higher Self each play a vital role in this symphony of self-discovery.

Imagine a scenario:

You’re at a party, eyeing the dessert table.

  • Your Inner Critic immediately pipes up, “Don’t you dare!”
  • But then, your Inner Boss steps in, reminding you of your power to choose.
  • And finally, your Inner Higher Self speaks up, provides wisdom, whispering, “Choose what aligns with self love – and your highest energy and well-being.”

It’s this triad of voices, each contributing its unique perspective, that guides you towards a balanced, guilt-free decision.

Successful Examples from my Coaching Clients

Consider my coaching client Sarah, a chronic yo-yo dieter.

  • Her Inner Critic used to run the show, leading her down a path of restrictive eating and inevitable binging.
  • But when she started nurturing her Inner Boss to speak up, she began making decisions based on self-care rather than self-control. She learned to listen to her body’s needs, eating mindfully.
  • Her Inner Higher Self helped her appreciate her body’s capabilities, not just its appearance. This shift didn’t just change her diet. It transformed her life.

Or take Alex, who struggled with body image.

  • His Inner Critic constantly bombarded him with negativity.
  • By empowering his Inner Boss to speak up, he started a journey of fitness, not for aesthetics, but for strength and health.
  • His Inner Higher Self reminded him of his inherent worth, regardless of his size or shape. This holistic approach led to a newfound confidence and peace.


Addressing our relationship with food and our bodies through these three keys isn’t just a diet strategy. It’s a life strategy. The Inner Critic, Boss, and Higher Self are not just voices in our heads. They are guides on our journey to wholeness.

Remember, this journey isn’t about reaching a destination of perfect eating habits or an ideal body. It’s about ongoing learning, growing, and evolving. It’s about finding joy in nourishment, respect in choices, and peace in being.

You now have these 3 keys to getting off the diet rollercoaster. Now, it’s time for you to unlock the door to your transformation.

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