5 Steps To Effectively Resolve Family Conflicts And Tensions

steps resolve family conflictsAre you fighting with family members? If so, here are tools to resolve family conflicts and reach some form of compromise, understanding and peace. Read on..

It’s normal to have disagreements with family members. But sometimes conflicts can turn into big stressful battles – with no resolution in sight.

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If you and a family member are no longer close – or even speaking –  it could be for few reasons.

  • harsh words have been spoken
  • trust and commitments have been broken
  • you each have different expectations for what “family” means

If you want to try and resolve these family conflicts, here are a few tactics.

5 Steps To Resolve Family Conflicts

Steps To Effectively Resolve Family Conflicts1. Get to the Root of Things

You cannot move forward from a family conflict until you’re able to get to the bottom of how it all began.

It may be that you fought about money – or a new partner you’re bringing into the family.

Whatever the family disagreement, you need to talk about the core issues which created the ongoing animosity.

Only when you are able to face the root of the family problem, will you be able to resolve family conflicts and heal tensions.

2. Look at things from your family member’s point of view

It’s so important that you try and see things from the other person’s point of view.

Get a journal and try to write as honestly as you can about the family dispute.

  • Explore your family member’s perspective for why they did what they did. Can you see any positive reasons for the things they did?
  • Get clearer on how you might have contributed in some way to the family fight.
  • Examine your role in escalating the family conflict – even if you did not start the dispute in the first place.

When you are able to do this, you can then work out how much you contributed to the family feud. Plus you can determine the best ways for everyone to apologize – so everyone’s feelings can be healed.

keys to Resolving Family Conflicts And Tensions3. How did this conflict affect the whole family?

Get clear on the longterm repercussions of this family conflict.

  • Are there many family members (or even children) caught up in the family dispute?
  • Are you contributing to the spread of anger to many family members?
  • Have you caused anyone a great deal of stress because you’re obsessing over the disagreement?
  • Do you feel future generations will be hurt by this family conflict?
  • For the sake of future generations, would you be open to a resolution?
  • Has anybody tried to help create peace in the family – and you’ve pushed them away?

Remember: Forgiveness is always a choice. Holding a grudge will only eat away at you. It may even cause a bigger family rift. The past is over – but you have to remember that the future is yet to come.

4. Try and make the first move

Sometimes if you want to move past a family rift, you need to stand up and be the bigger person.

You need to show the family member on the other side that you are willing to compromise and willing to start the healing process.

Be open to swallowing your pride and think about what the future really holds for you both – and the entire family.

resolutions in family disputes5. Talk it out on the phone

It always helps to talk on the phone before you meet up in person to resolve your family conflict.

Phonecalls help create more of a mutual level of understanding. After all, there’s less pressure chatting by phone, than sitting face to face across from someone you’re furious at.

When you do give the other person a call, start off asking how they are doing. Talk to them warmly about their life. Don’t start off mentioning the big event that caused your rift.

After all, you need to strengthen that family bond before you launch into a difficult conversation.

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