Father And Son Activities: Fun Ways To Bond With Your Son

father and son activitiesI love writing about mom life  and offering general parenting tools and positive parenting tricks for not yelling too much. Today I wanted to share some fun father and son activities – cool ways dads can bond with their sons!

If you’re a father looking for ways to spend time with your son, here are some good bonding suggestions!

Father And Son Activities: Younger Kids

Play video games together

A lot of fathers look for games they can play with their young children online. They want their kids to get accustomed to the interactive side of things as soon as possible. Plus, of course these games are highly fun too – as long as they are not too complex.

father and son bonding activitiesThe following games fall into that category: interactive, fun, not too complex.

  • Scooby Doo Painting Game

Most children love to draw and make pictures when they are younger. This game allows them to do so. But instead they can paint online. This is great for you too. It means your home won’t end up messy. You and your child will definitely enjoy creating some masterpieces together.

  • Gumball Character Creator

The Amazing World of Gumball is one of the more recent cartoons on television at the moment. It was first shown on screens in 2011 and is still in production today. The characters are unique, colorful, and vibrant. Plus, this game allows you and your child to create your own characters for the show. 

  • Food Bash

The concept of this game is very easy. You and your little one can have fun throwing food at several cartoon characters. From Johnny Bravo to The Powerpuff Girls, you will have to make sure you come out on top against some of the very best.

  • Ben 10 Alien Maker

This game is one of the most popular Ben 10 games online at the moment too. The show revolves around lots of intriguing and unusual aliens and now you can create your own with this game.

  • Funk Box

If your child is a fan of music and a fan of the show Class 3000 then they will love this game. Little explanation is needed; the name ‘Funk Box’ pretty much says all that you need to know. Get ready to groove!

Young children have a rich imagination. That’s why many make up imaginary characters as their friends at that age. Let your little one unleash their creativity and imagination by playing role-playing games with them. You can even get fun costumes to level up playtime. They’ll be ecstatic to do these games with you.

Father and Son Activities: Older kids

Work on a car together

father son activities bonding over carsThere are two good performance upgrades you can work on together if your child is old enough to have been to driving school.

  • Install a Sachs performance clutch

A Sachs performance clutch is ideal if you are looking to upgrade your clutch kit and want something fun to do with your son. Sachs are a world leader in high-performance clutch kits. They are found inside well-respected cars like Porsches.

You might be wondering: What does the clutch do in a vehicle?

Well, the clutching system controls the transmission of power. It allows the car to move and shift up and down through the gears smoothly. That’s where performance car tuning parts come in. 

  • Go for a Bilstein suspension kit

Bilstein is quite possibly the best known manufacturer of performance suspension systems and shock absorbers – trusted by some of the biggest names in motoring, such as Jaguar, Ferrari, Caterham and Bugatti.

The benefits of upgrading…

  • Restore your car’s handling to the awesome way it was when it left the showroom
  • Give your car an added powerful boost
  • Enjoy a fun father and son bonding activity

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