Want to live to 100? Me too. Here’s what I’m doing.

want to live to 100?

Want to live to 100? Me too! I’m a late in life mom and want to live longer for my son. Here’s what I’m doing to live longer and younger.

This is a photo of me coming out from my gym (because I’m doing everything I can to live to 100) and finding out that my publisher just bought my newest  book – which is all about the research I’m discovering (and doing) to try to live to 100!

This longevity book will come out in Spring 2018!

Why I want to live to 100

As many of you know, I’m a (very) late in life mom!  I’ve been mindfully watching my health, and promised my son (who’s 6 1/4) that I’d do everything I can to live to 100!

My son asked me to live to 200.

I bargained him down to 100+!

I mentioned my passion for living longer (and younger) to my publisher!

My publisher loved the idea of me writing and designing a book filled with longevity secrets. We began talking about me writing a book on the subject.

On Wednesday I found out my publisher put a little book-contract-action behind her words of interest.

And she officially bought my longevity book – to be called Life Is Long!

I will be sneak-peek sharing some of the longevity research I’m learning  – before publication Spring 2018! Stay tuned!

If you’re reading this after Spring 2018 – here’s where you can find my longevity book.

In the meantime, you can learn some of my health tools by clicking here!

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