How To Stop Food Cravings with A Fun NLP Tool

How To Stop Food Cravings with A Fun NLP ToolWant to know how to stop food cravings? Try this fun NLP tool which works on everything – chocolate, cheese, donuts, bread, jellybeans, etc…

I used to love to eat gourmet jellybeans – the kind that comes in quirky flavors like popcorn, bubblegum, blueberry pie etc…

As soon as I began eating these jellybeans, I’d become deaf to my inner voice’s warnings: “Yo! Karen! Enough! You’re full! The bag’s nearly empty! STOP!”

I used to call these jellybeans my “Kryptobite” – because a few bites worked like Kryptonite on me – rendering me powerless over my cravings.

We all have our Kryptobite” foods! Perhaps yours is chocolate, cake, candy bars, pizza, cheese, ice cream, french fries, chips, cupcakes, donuts…?

Happily I found a way to turn up my willpower for jellybeans, and turn down my cravings.

I discovered the following via Google:

The shellac on jellybeans makes things nice and shiny. But the ingredients in the shellac on your jellybeans is not so nice.  It’s a “secretion” from a Thailand insect, a beetle called “Kerria laca.”

Yes, that’s true! And I’m even wording it nicely.

Let me be more blunt:  Jellybeans have bug poop on them! Strange – but true!

Junk food truly has a lot of strange junk in it!

How To Stop Food Cravings with A Fun NLP ToolAs soon as I linked jellybeans with “bug poop” it immediately stopped my food cravings for this treat.

I stopped thinking jellybeans were yummy. And I swapped in thinking jellybeans are yucky!

This “Yummy to Yucky Tool” is based in “Neuro Linguistic Programming” (NLP) – because it’s all about mindfully linking specific words and images  to specific foods.

In my video course “Stop Emotional Eating” I share a lot of tools from “Neuro Linguistic Programming” (NLP). This NLP tool is simply one of my very varied tools.

(If you’re truly committed to stopping binge eating..I encourage you to check out all my different psychological tools in “Stop Emotional Eating” – which together effectively helped me to finally stop eating crappy foods – and lose 20 pounds in 3 months – and keep the weight off for over 6 years – and counting!)

Here are 2 tools I use to stop food cravings

Tool #1: Bug Your Craving

How To Stop Food Cravings with A Fun NLP ToolThink of a Kryptobite food.

Now, think about something gross – like cockroaches.

Now envision your yummy Kryptobite food with disgusting roaches crawling all over it.

The more detailed and vivid your image, the more powerful your willpower will become.

Do this visualization process regularly – and overtime you will become disgusted by your Kryptobite food.

Plus be sure to do this visualization before or during an uncontrollable craving takes hold of you.

Tool #2: Google your craving

I want you to google the yumminess out of your favorite foods!

Take some time to read the disgusting ingredients which are actually in your Kryptobite foods!

True craving busting stories

  • If you enjoy cherry and strawberry foods – or red colored foods in general – then you’ve probably consumed a lot of red dye in your life. This means that you’ve also eaten a lot cochineal beetles – which is where food manufacturer’s get their red food dye.
  • Love vanilla and raspberry flavored foods? Then you love “Castoreum”  -a mixture of anal secretions and urine from beavers. I kid you not!  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration calls this beaver’s secretion a “generally safe” additive for food.
  • If you enjoy chocolate, you enjoy rat hair.  The FDA allows one rat hair per 100 grams in six 100-gram subsamples of chocolate.
  • Potato chips share something in common with your toilet bowl cleaner. Most toilet bowl cleaners include sodium bisulfite. This ingredient is also used to extend the shelf-life and bleach out the color in potato chips.
  • Mass produced breads, donuts and baked goods of all kinds are made with human hair and/or duck feathers. Most mass-produced breads use “L-Cysteine” – an amino acid which softens the dough. Unfortunately “L-Cysteine” is made from human hair and/or duck feathers.
  • Cheese is made from rennet – which is made from calf stomach. Basically, to make cheese, manufacturers slice up a calf’s stomach, soak it in whey and wine or vinegar, and then filter it.
  • It’s actually far more accurate to re-name “packaged cheese” as “mysterious cheese-like substance.” Why? Because all cheese products which are “processed” and/or “pasteurized” include lots of gross additives, chemicals and cryptically derived flavorings – which account for up 49 % of the total product.
  • Shredded cheese usually has “Cellulose” as an ingredient –which is virgin wood pulp (aka sawdust). It keeps the cheese shreds from clumping up.

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