How To Apply Make Up For A Natural Look: 9 Tips

karen salmansohn bestselling authorWant to look well put-together and professional without putting too much product on your face? Me too. I love applying make up which gives me a natural look.

In fact, I’ve become more (and more) interested in a natural look as I get older. I turn 59 in a few weeks! (Yes, these are photos of me in the black dress – just taken today!)

I have noticed if I put on too much cosmetics, it looks like I’m trying too hard.

Karen Salmansohn bestselling authorPlus too much make up winds up highlighting wrinkles – instead of hiding them.

So I asked around to some top make up experts, and found out how to apply make up for a natural look.

Here’s what I’m now doing – so you can try it too!

How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look

The typical makeup looks over the past few years have been pretty severe, with thick, dark brows, matte lipstick, and heavily lined eyes.

As fashion trends work in ebbs and flows, it makes perfect sense that a lot of people are choosing to go for a more natural makeup look.

With this in mind, I teamed up with Avon – as an ambassador for them –  to answer some key natural make up questions!

First of all…a natural makeup look sounds like it should be easy, right? After all, a minimalist look should equal a minimal amount of effort… But that assumption is oh so wrong!

But…in fact… it takes a skilled hand and some smart tricks to apply a pretty and more relaxed natural makeup look.

I hope these expert tips below will help you to look like you’re wearing barely anything on your face at all. You’ll simply look your refreshed and dewy best.

1. It all starts with skincare

The biggest secret to achieving glowing, natural skin is no secret at all – it is to actually work on keeping your skin glowing and fresh!

Apply Make Up For A Natural LookWhatever your skincare regimen, make sure that it includes Vitamin C (for brightening), hyaluronic acid (for hydration) and retinol (for overall skin health).

Make sure you drink lots of water. And get plenty of rest.

Attending a big event? Apply a hydrating sheet mask before you apply your makeup.

2. Primer is key

The first step for your minimalist makeup look is to apply an even layer of primer to freshly cleansed skin.

A primer will create a smooth and even base for your foundation and concealer, filling in your pores and adding extra hydration.

3. Apply concealer sparingly, and foundation even less

Part of the joy of a natural skincare look is that you can make peace with your minor blemishes, wrinkles, and imperfections.

In order to create a natural finish, add a sparing amount of concealer around your eyes, careful not to create a white ‘mask’ on the top third of your face.

Feel free to skip the foundation, or mix a little bit in with some strobe cream or moisturizer and buff into your skin with a damp makeup sponge.

3. Use a light touch with the mascara

Thick and clumpy mascara is the antithesis of a light, natural look. For a softer look you can apply your mascara as you do normally, but then take 2 cotton buds or pads and gently use them to pinch your lashes and remove some of the product.

Depending on the color of your own eyelashes, black mascara might not be the best choice for a natural look. Consider using a dark or medium brown instead, as it might better suit your coloring.

4. Use liner to define your eyes, but don’t overdo it

Apply Make Up For A Natural LookA heavy hand with the eyeliner will give you a dramatic look suited to a night out, but if you want a gentler look, you need to use a gentler touch.

Take a dark brown or soft black pencil and apply it to your waterline, then squeeze your lids shut – this should push some of the pigment into your lash line.

Use a cotton bud or pad to remove the excess and soften things up.

5. Think less ‘highlighter’ and more ‘dewy glow’

Highlighter has become a multi-billion dollar industry, but what was meant to be a light dusting has transformed into a heaving frosting!

If you want to keep things fresh and natural, brush a light amount of a creamy peach highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones, on the tip of your nose, and above the center of your top lip.

6. Go for a muted blush look

Apply Make Up For A Natural LookWhile a dolly pink daub of blush on blush might be fun and playful, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re wearing too much makeup.

Instead, go nice and easy with your blush, and consider mixing it with a little moisturizer to keep things light and veiled.

7. Use bronzer lightly on your cheekbones

It’s easy to go overboard with bronzer and end up looking a bit like a carrot! Don’t treat your bronzer like a fake tan. Instead, apply it around the edges of your face, and then just sweep it under your cheekbones.

8. Go for a ‘popsicle’ lipstick look

Matte liquid lipstick is a sign of a seriously done-up face, while glosses can be sticky and way too shiny for a natural look. To get that perfect, “I just finished a popsicle” pout, apply your normal lipstick, and then apply a layer of Vaseline.

Remove it most of the way with a tissue – the result should be a soft hint of color stained on your lips.

9. A natural makeup look is a great everyday option

Remember – you don’t have to wear any makeup at all to look wonderful! That said, a soft and natural look is a nice everyday option for when you want to feel put together without too much product on your skin.

Note: I love Avon and am a proud ambassador for them!

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