4 Top Science Based Ways To Increase Your Happiness

science based ways happinessIf you want to boost you happy, here are 4 top science based ways to increase your happiness.

There are over seven and a half billion people on the planet. Each and every one of us is unique. We all have our distinct personalities. And so what constitutes as happiness will always look different from one person to the next.

However, there are a few key things that studies show most people would agree would make for a happy life.

4 Top Science Based Ways To Increase Your Happiness

1. Live in a home you love

Home truly is where the heart is.

Studies show that it’s key for you to live in a place that you genuinely adore spending time.

After all, the place you live is a place to rest and recharge.  It’s where you can build memories with loved ones. And get yourself into a frame of mind where you can get back out there into the world and tackle whatever life throws at you.

We all covet luxury homes. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the place you live.

As long as you’re happy and comfortable with your home you can live anywhere.

So spend time carefully considering color schemes, handpicking furniture, sprinkling around fun accessories and putting together each room so it’s exactly how you want it.

You might want to display your travel souvenirs. Hang photos on the walls.

Make it personal to you.

When you come home after a long day, you should breathe a sigh of relief. You should feel like you’re back in the safest and most comfortable place in the world.

2. Find a career that fulfills you 

We spend a huge part of our life in the workplace. If you’re working full time it will be around forty hours each week.

For this reason, if you’re not happy at work then you can’t expect to truly be happy throughout the rest of you life.

If you’re not fulfilled in your job then start considering what you can do to change this.

Could you go back to university and study in a new area? If so, you’d be opening the door to new jobs you’re passionate about!

Perhaps you could take on some voluntary work in the new field too so you have experience as well as education.

You might be able to start from scratch in a lower paid job, but have the ability to work your way up.

Yes, it would be a brave move – but the benefits you’d reap would be humongous.

So many of all get accustomed to our jobs and their pay – and making a switch is a huge life change. But it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

  • Maybe you want to work with people or animals and do something more rewarding?
  • Perhaps you want to start your own business so you’re your own boss? (Hire me as your 1-on-1 business coach!)
  • Or you could just want to rise up higher so you feel more respect and earn more money?

Have a think about your reasons –  and come up with a plan!

Most people work until they’re well into their sixties. You don’t want to spend the whole of your career hating what you do.

3. Surround yourself with a great support network

As humans we are such social creatures.

Even if you’re not an extrovert or much of a ‘people person’ when it comes to meeting new friends, you’ll still have your own people in your life that you care about deeply.

Close friends and family can be what makes life worth living.

They pick us up when we’re down. And they celebrate with us when we’re happy. Plus they broaden our horizons by introducing us to new things and offering us a new perspective on any given situation.

We all lead busy lives. Just about all of us would admit that we don’t see the ones we love often enough.

So start making an effort!

Life is full of ups and downs. Lost jobs, death, divorce and health issues amongst other things. But our downs can be made so much better when we have people around to support us.

Equally, supporting our friends when they need us can give our life purpose and bring us closer together. 

4. Put in the effort to live with good health

Not everyone is blessed with good health. And it’s not to say you need to be in perfect health to enjoy life. However, you must do what you can to live a healthy lifestyle. This extra effort to feel as healthy as possible can certainly make you happier. It will boost your mood and self esteem.

So, eat well. Find healthy foods that you love. And have fun creating tasty recipes that are full of vitamins.

Exercise. Take up activities that bring you happiness. Try swimming, yoga or long hikes with your dog.

Prioritize sleep and relaxation, too!

All of these things aren’t a luxury. They’re absolutely essential to good health.

No one can guarantee they won’t get ill. But there are many things that are within your control and can prevent you from getting many kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Plus when you look after yourself, you feel good. Self care is a way to show self respect and boost self esteem. Basically, you should eat healthier because you love yourself and want to! And not because you feel like you have to!

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