How To Become More Fearless In Life: 4 Tips

how to Become More Fearless in lifeWant to feel more courage and confidence and basically learn how to become more fearless in life? Here are 4 tips!

Research reports that 80% of our fears never happen.

That is not a typo.

I’m talking about a whopping 80% of the time you’re simply imagining things to be afraid about!


It’s time to step up your courage – and step into action – and become more fearless in life!

Tip 1 to become more fearless in life!

A decade or so ago I learned how to windsurf.  

The first thing the teacher (Bob) taught me was actually not how to windsurf!

Bob first taught me how to fall down safely.

He showed me if I must land on my face, there’s a safe way to land on my face.

Ditto if I were to land on my side or my toosh.

Bob’s goal:

How To Become More Fearless In LifeHe wanted to remove my fear of falling – so when I finally was up on the windsurf, I’d feel safer to move freely  – and thereby take more risks and have more fun.

After all, I’d know that no matter what might happen, I would have the ability to fall down safely.

Well, this same metaphor about landing safely on water also applies to living life here on land.

It’s essential to develop a strong sense of confidence in your abilities to handle surprise bumps in the road.

Think about it. When you know in your heart that no matter what happens, you’re the type of person who knows how to land safely, then you’re more likely to take more soul-nourishing risks and have more fun.

3 More Tips To Become More Fearless in Life!

how to become more fearless in lifeI want you start to believe in your ability to “land safely” in a relationship, a job situation, a creative venture.


1. Write Makes Might

Take some time to write up a list of all your amazing qualities  – so you bolster up your self-confidence to ride the waves of life – and boost your self-assurance that no matter what happens, you’ll fall down safely.

2. Remind yourself that 80% of fears are simply imaginary

If you start to feel fear, simply remind yourself about that statistic: 80% of fears are simply imaginary – and never happen for people!

So basically, worry is a form of betting against yourself – and betting against universal statistics!

3.  Believe in your ability to handle whatever happens

Next, think about that worst case scenario! What would you do if – by some bizarre chance – that teeny tiny 20% possibility of bad stuff happening…. actually does happen?

Write down a few ways you’d handle things if something does go awry – so you feel prepared.

Plus by writing down a proactive survival strategy, you further remind yourself that you have what it takes to land safely! 

The good news:

How To Become More Fearless In LifeWhen you release your worst fears onto paper they often disappear into the air.


Suddenly your fears don’t feel as scary any more.

In fact, I believe sometimes we need to talk about something – not to get help.

Or sympathy.

But sometimes we just want to kill its power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air.

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