How To Overcome Fear And Start Feeling Confident And Worthy

How To Overcome Fear And Start Feeling Confident And WorthyLearn how to overcome fear and start feeling confident and worthy. Don’t let fear hold you back or keep you hostage. Take control of your life.

I’ve read how people can fall in love with those that keep them hostage.

Yes, simply by being forced to spend time with their hostage takers a “bond of connection” can form.

As it turns out, the same “bond of connection” can take place with the negative emotions which keep you hostage.

In particular, I’m talking about that infamous hostage taker known as “fear.”

Fear can keep you trapped and captive to a smaller life – safely leashed to a “Life of Less.”

Plus fear is not only a hostage-taker – it’s a brain-washer.

Fear is constantly whispering how this “Life of Less” is the one and only version of the life which you get.

If you’re lucky, Fear might provide you with a teeny tiny window – where you can see a glimmer of the light of a larger life – a small ray of hope shining within reach.

Please know this now:

What you believe binds you to this hostage-taker is merely imagined.

overcome fear held hostageHowever, that window of hope is a very real thing.

Plus, that window is actually open.

Yes, you are actually free to escape from Fear at any time.

Yet you’ve fallen slightly in love with the the familiarity and security of this hostage-taker.

You’ve come to believe that Fear is keeping you alive and safe.

But it is you who is keeping Fear alive and safe.

Plus, you’ve come to believe that this hostage-taker is the one who is making the demands.

However, the truth is: You are the one who is in charge of the demands to be made!

You have the power to demand what you want for yourself.

And it is time for you to demand your freedom.

It is time for you to demand a larger, more abundant life!

It’s time for you to recognize Fear for who it truly is:  a soul-sucker, freedom-thief, love-robber, insatiable-liar, peace-abductor, inner-war-monger.

It is time for you to finally escape from Fear – and head for that window of light.

That window of light is open.

Oh – and guess what?

There is no glass in that window either.

Breathe in what it is you really want – expand your lungs with the fresh air of freedom.

A larger life awaits you.

Written and shared with love, xo Karen Salmansohn

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