25 Uplifting Quotes for Hard And Difficult Times To Improve Your Mindset

25 Uplifting Quotes for Hard And Difficult Times To Improve Your Mindset

25 Uplifting Quotes for Hard And Difficult Times To Improve Your Mindset
Here are uplifting quotes for difficult times and hard situations – to improve your mindset. When you read these motivational quotes, you’ll feel calmer quicker.

I have found that reading uplifting quotes for hard times helps to shift your energy, thoughts and mood!

If you’re going through hard times or a difficult challenge right now, I hope these inspirational quotes help you to shift from feeling crappy to feeling happy!

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1. Best of times, worst of times

Quotes for challenges

Whether it’s the best of time or worst of times, it’s the only time you have. Look for the good in each day. Focus on growth, purpose, peace, love and gratitude. – Karen Salmansohn

2. Change how you react

change how people treat you and you respond

You cannot change how others treat you. Sometimes they won’t be so loving. But you can change how you react to it all. Be sure you respond in a way which shows love for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over how they’re beating up on you. Be good to yourself – even when others aren’t. Especially when others aren’t. – Karen Salmansohn

3. Own your feelings

control your negative emotions from the inside

Outside looking in, it’s hard to understand. Inside looking out, it’s hard to explain.

4. Change your story

tell yourself positive stories

What is achievable in your life is based on the stories you tell yourself.

5. You’re stronger than you realize

Uplifting Quotes difficult times

Don’t let the fear of your challenges overwhelm you. Face towards your challenges head on. You’re stronger than you realize. Plus your challenges will help you to strengthen your emotional muscles in new, exciting ways. – Karen Salmansohn

6. Be your authentic self

Uplifting Quotes difficult times

Please do not allow the challenges of your past to stop you from becoming who you are meant to be. – Karen Salmansohn

7. Choose positivity

choose to be awesomely positive instead of negative

You can’t be both awesome and negative. Choose one. – Karen Salmansohn

8. Live a balanced life

Uplifting Quotes difficult times

A happy life is a balanced life. Be kind – but not a doormat. Trusting – but value boundaries and intuition. Content – but open to growing. – Karen Salmansohn

9. It’s okay to be scared

encouraging Quotes difficult times

It’s okay to be scared. It means you’re about to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and grow a little. – Karen Salmansohn

10. Embrace your inner power

Quotes for Difficult Times

You may be up against a giant today. But don’t focus on how big your giant is. Focus on how big your inner power is.

11. Don’t get even. Get even better.

motivational Quotes difficult times

Don’t get even. Get even better. Become excited about creating a happy, love-filled life! Get caught up in what’s going right – and who you love! Eventually any thoughts of that challenging person from your past will become diluted by all the many awesome things in your present. Bad stuff will become a mere blip in your memory bank. – Karen Salmansohn

12. Be the reason…

Uplifting Quotes difficult times

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. -Karen Salmansohn

13. The truth is…

motivational Quotes difficult times

The truth is…we’re all a little broken. We must learn to love the broken pieces of ourselves – be gentle and empathic – with ourselves and others. – Karen Salmansohn

14. Stop trying to convince people…

Uplifting Quotes

If you have to convince someone to stay with you, then they have already left. – Shannon L. Adler

15. Be your own hero

be a true hero to yourself with a positive attitude

Anyone can slay a dragon. Try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero. – Brian Andreas

16. Forget quick fixes

improve your life by changing your habits in a permanent way

if you want to improve your life you must commit to changing your daily habits and creating a permanent lifestyle shift. You can’t depend on quick fixes. – Karen Salmansohn

17. Forget DNA

Quotes about challenging family members

I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. – Jim Butcher

18. Re-focus.

positive Quotes recovering from hard challenge

The life in front of you is far more important than the life behind you.

19. Design your life.

encouraging Quotes hard situations

Is this the life you want to live? Can you be braver, stronger, kinder, more communicative? You have it within you to change what’s within you. – Karen Salmansohn

20. Open that door.

inspiring Quotes for Difficult Times

If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave. – Mo Willems

21. Stop to grow.

inspiring Quotes pain from the past

Stop allowing the pain form past relationships to keep you stuck in resentment. Don’t be a prisoner to your past choices. – Karen Salmansohn

22. Spread positivity.

Uplifting Quotes positivity

Positivity is one of the most attractive scents you can wear. – Karen Salmansohn

23. Just because…

Uplifting Quotes feeling hurt

Just because I’m used to it, doesn’t mean it no longer hurts.

24. Love yourself more.

Uplifting Quotes say nothing negative

Try to say nothing negative about yourself for 3 days. For 45 days. For 3 months. See happens in your life. – Yoko Ono

25. Take things day by day.

quote about stress and breathing

Stress happens when you think you have to figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You’re strong. You got this. Take it day by day. – Karen Salmansohn

Feeling anxious from dealing with difficult times?

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