Stop Beating Yourself Up: 11 Perfectionism Quotes To Help You Let It Go

Stop Beating Yourself Up Perfectionism Quotes To Help You Let It GoStop beating yourself up! Here are 11 perfectionism quotes to remind you to let it go.

I personally know how tough it can be to escape from the strong grip of self criticism and unrealistic perfectionism.

I used to be an avid perfectionist.

At one point, a therapist I was seeing even said to me, “Karen, you are a perfectionist.”

My response: “No, I’m not. I’m not nearly a perfectionist enough.”

After a brief pause, we both wound up laughing very hard!

My reply was a hilarious example of how much of a perfectionist I truly was.

As a result of my pickiness, I wound up suffering from body dysmorphia.  Later this turned into what I call “life dysmorphia.”

I was so busy looking at what was wrong, I wasn’t appreciating what was right. And even pretty darn wonderful.

In many ways perfectionism is a frenemy.

Perfectionism seems like it’s there to help you.

But it mostly does more harm than good.

Excellence and effort are your buddies.

But, perfectionism is simply an excuse to beat yourself up.

How To Let Go of Perfectionism

  1. Here’s an article I wrote with a tool I use to forgive myself for mistakes from the past.
  2. Here’s a ritual I do to wake up happier and with more self love! Try my morning tool!

11 Perfectionism Quotes To Help You Let It Go

Scroll through these perfectionist quotes. Choose your favorite one. Use this quote about perfectionism as your mobile wallpaper – and stop beating yourself up so much! 🙂


perfectionism quotes

2.motivational quotes Self Acceptance quotes

  • Print out these perfectionist sayings and put them around your home and office.


encouraging quotes

encouraging quotes Self Acceptance reminders


encouraging quotes

  • Pass on these perfectionism quotes to friends and family who you feel could benefit from their loving encouragement!


Stop Beating Yourself Up self care reminder


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stop perfectionism quote self love instead notsalmon


self love is better than perfectionism

  • Share these quotes about perfectionism on Instagram and inspire others to stop beating themselves up!


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stop beating yourself up quotes

Bonus stop beating yourself up quote!

perfectionism is self abuse karen salmansohn

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Stop Beating Yourself Up

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