Healthy Habits That Are Anything But

Healthy Habits That Are Anything But In the quest for health and longevity, we’ve all picked up a few habits that we are proud to carry out time after time in honor of better health.

But what if I told you some of these “healthy” habits are about as beneficial as eating a salad drenched in yesterday’s gravy?

Let’s take a look at the world of well-intentioned health rituals that, spoiler alert, aren’t really doing us any favors.

I’m sharing about this topic because, I am a multi bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold.

Plus I studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher at Ishta Yoga – and founded the research based online course on relaxation called The Anxiety Cure.

I love sharing insights and strategies to help people to be happier, healthier lives.

6 Healthy Habits – That Are Anything But

1. Cleaning Your Ears with Q-Tips: A Sticky Wicket

Ah, yes, the old Q-tip in the ear routine. Despite the satisfying feeling that comes from a good ear canal excavation, sticking anything smaller than your elbow into your ears is a big no-no. Why? Well, you’re more likely to push wax deeper into your ear, potentially causing blockages or damaging that delicate eardrum, ending up in a consultation with the helpful team at Audiologists.org. If you’re really into collecting earwax, maybe take up candle making instead.

2. The Daily Juice Cleanse: Starve and Splurge

The juice cleanse is often called the “liquid loophole” for actual nutrition. While sipping on your kale and beet concoction might make you feel like a purified saint, these cleanses often lack essential fibers, proteins, and fats. Your liver and kidneys can detox just fine without starving themselves in the process. If you really want to cleanse, try flushing out those juice myths first. This habit is a diet mistake.

3. The All-or-Nothing Gym Rat Race

Here’s to the warriors who hit the gym harder than a Monday morning alarm. While regular exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, overly intense gym sessions without proper rest can lead to burnout and injuries. Remember, even superheroes take breaks—yes, Batman probably chills with a good movie or a book. Balance is the real MVP.

4. Turning into a Vitamin Vampire

Popping vitamins like they’re candy because, hey, if two are good, ten must be great, right? Wrong. Overloading on supplements can actually throw your body’s chemistry out of whack and potentially lead to toxicity. Unless you’re aiming to glow in the dark from all that excess Vitamin D, maybe stick to what the bottle recommends.

5. Obsessive Calorie Counting: Digital Diet Downfall

Tracking every single calorie that passes your lips might seem like a foolproof way to manage your weight, but it can quickly spiral into an unhealthy obsession. Eating should be more about balance and less about micromanaging your munchies. Besides, who wants to live life by the tyranny of a food tracker?

6. Sleeping Like You’re in Hibernation

Too much sleep? Yep, that’s a thing. Oversleeping can actually lead to feelings of lethargy, not to mention the time you’re losing that could be spent enjoying the waking world. Aim for 7-9 hours; your body doesn’t need a winter’s nap every night, no matter how comfy your bed is.

Recap: Healthy Habits – That Aren’t Healthy

By all means, keep aiming for a healthier you, but remember, moderation is your friend, and sometimes, less is indeed more, and that healthy habit is not so good for you at all!

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