3 Minute Morning Meditation for the Shower: Start Your Day Calm & Happy

A 3 Minute Morning Meditation To Start Your Day Positive And CalmGet your day off to a great start with this 3 minute morning meditation I call Shower Power. You will feel relaxed, focused, and energized.

I believe mornings are your trajectory for your day – because how you start your day can greatly influence how your day unfolds.

For this reason, it’s important you use your a.m. to aim yourself towards your most positive thoughts – and thereby best day possible.

Think about it. If a rocketship is off by a few degrees before it launches itself towards the moon, it might wind up accidentally heading towards Saturn.

Ditto on your day. 

You definitely don’t want to start your day aimed in a negative thought direction – with your mind focused on fears and doubts.

A 3 Minute Morning Meditation To Start Your Day Positive And Calm

For this reason I recommend starting your morning with my favorite meditation.

My (G-rated) Shower Power Meditation

I’ll explain how to do this more below. But the cliff notes are… I recommend you multitask washing away your stress, fears and self doubts – by concentrating your mind on the feel of the water on your skin.

I love doing Shower Power Meditations so much, that I featured this sensory meditation tool in my book Instant Calm.

Here’s a quick excerpt from my book…

How to do a 3 Minute Morning Shower Power Meditation

  • Step into the shower.
  • Become aware of the water’s temperature—its balance of hot versus cold.
  • Squeeze out some body wash and feel its soft sudsiness on your skin.
  • Grab a loofah and feel its scratchy surface on your skin.
  • After you’ve done this for a few minutes, take some time to envision the power of the shower water washing away your negative thoughts!
  • Envision fear, regret, and anger soaping off you and swirling down the drain.Whoosh!

Extra credit

  • Sing in the shower. Researchers at the University of East Anglia report that singing for fun (with- out the pressure of performing) helps relieve both anxiety and depression.

Hot-off-the-press info:

Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences linked the elements of hot showers to boosts in oxytocin levels and reduced anxiety.

Some very cool info:

According to researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, a cold shower is both invigorating and mood boosting.


The shock of cold activates beta-endorphins (the molecules famed for creating a sense of well-being) and noradrenaline in the brain—both of which put you in a better mood.

Note: That second one is actually something found in many antidepressants!


No matter the temperature you pick, simply immersing yourself in water is reported to increase production of beta-endorphins.

Fun fact:

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed a freezing cold foot bath every morning for sixty years, believing it improved his health.

If you’ve been wanting to create a regular meditation practice, but feel too busy…

You will love all the many fun and simple meditations I share inside Instant Calm!  Each one is a grounding tool – based on focusing your mind on one of your 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Learn more!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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