Overcoming Addiction: Playing Sports And Feel-Good Chemicals

Overcoming Addiction: Playing Sports And Feel-Good ChemicalsPlaying sports not only keeps you strong and burns calories it also helps in overcoming addictions with feel-good chemicals.

Kids and adults can benefit a great deal from playing sports. Yes, sports can keep you strong and limber. Yes, you’ll burn calories so that you can stay trim. But sports can do a lot more too!

Did you know that you can also help to overcome addiction by playing sports, though? There are facilities in San Juan, Capistrano, and elsewhere where you can detox if you’re having addiction issues. However, another thing the doctors might ask you to do is take part in physical activities like team sports. It’s not for every problematic drug user, but many who want to replace drug or alcohol use in their life with something productive like to try this.

Playing sports releases feel-good chemicals that can help to break the addiction cycle. Let’s discuss that in further detail.

What Chemicals Does Your Body Release When You Play Sports?

When you play sports or otherwise engage in physical activity, your body releases what are collectively referred to as endorphins. These are hormones that your body releases as a reward for challenging physical pursuits.

These types of hormones are also released during other feel-good activities. For instance, they are what make sex pleasurable. You also feel that release if you are getting a massage. Eating foods you like gives you an endorphin boost as well.

What if You’re Not in the Right Shape to Play Sports?

Of course, some people who abuse drugs or alcohol are not able to take part in strenuous physical exercise if they have ravaged their bodies with chemicals. It will take some time for these individuals to reach a point where they can do some of the things treatment facility staff are asking of them.

You can take some time to build your strength back up if that’s what it takes. You might start by eating a healthy, balanced diet and doing some light gym workouts. Many of the facilities that you can visit during the rehab process will have workout equipment you can use to gradually get back in shape.

You Are Retraining Your Body

As you get further away from using alcohol or your drug of choice, your body will hopefully not have the craving for it as much. Instead, you will learn that other activities can give you an endorphin rush that’s much healthier.

The rush you’ll get from exercising can begin to translate to what you’ll feel when playing sports. You might start with something that’s not too taxing, like ping pong or walking on a track. From there, you can move on to something like swimming, biking, or jogging.

If you finish your rehab and you’re back at home recovering, you might look into joining an amateur sports league. You may do something like bowling, or perhaps pickleball or tennis is more to your liking. You can look into softball, kickball, paintball, or anything else that gets you moving and those endorphins flowing.

Sports can be a way for you to reclaim your life and get away from the troublesome addiction behaviors that have plagued you.

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