Can Being Happy Strengthen Your Health?

Can Being Happy Strengthen Your HealthBeing happy can do a lot for both your mental and physical health. Feeling good within yourself, and feeling confident and having a healthy self-esteem to rely on …all of this is a big part of leading a long, healthy lifestyle. 

However, people tend to underestimate just how much being happy can do for you.

So let’s examine this idea in greater detail with the points below. Being happy might seem like a small thing.

And feeling good can often fall by the wayside in the modern day to day. So the concept of happiness deserves a mindful focus! 

No worries! I’m here to help.

As you might know, I am the bestselling wellness author of many books.

Plus I founded the groundbreaking video course The Anxiety Cure.

I’m always happy to share insights and strategies to help as many people as possible to stay calm healthy, happy.

With this in mind I put together this quick guide all about how being happy can strengthen your health.

Being Happy Can Prevent Sickness

When you’re feeling happy, your immune system tends to benefit. Because when you’re happy, there’s less stress on your shoulders, and your body isn’t up against as much. You have less to combat.

happiness health thoughtsSo you’re less tired and much more energetic.

And that’s a lovely little cocktail to have on your side! 

However, the connection between feeling happy on a long term basis and the benefits on your immune system isn’t quite clear.

This is all we know about how these hormones interact at the moment.But that’s enough for us!

After all, if you’ve got a clear head and feel like you’re in a good place, it makes sense that you’re not going to be coughing or sneezing. You’re also far less likely to indulge bad habits that could make you even more sick. But more on that later. 

Ultimately, happiness makes you feel good, both emotionally and physically.

So if you find yourself being a bit too busy to focus on things that make you happy at the moment, dig out a half hour here and there for the good of your health. 

Happiness Can Boost Your Mental Health

Another thing that can seem obvious to us, but have you ever stopped and realized how good a happy moment makes you feel?

Being Happy Strengthen Your HealthBeing happy, whether you’re having a really bad day at work or a bit of a blip in terms of juggling your responsibilities, can ensure you head to bed at the end of the day knowing you’ve done your best.

That’s all there is to it!

And yet, the way this kind of happiness can bolster your mental health in turn is absolutely incredible. 

Of course, being happy isn’t the crux of mental health. A couple of good days won’t solve all of your problems!

Most of all, you need to feel comfortable in your life. And know that you’ve got somewhere to go and people to turn to to truly achieve the kind of mental peace we’re all after.

But actively trying to take a positive approach to life can prevent you from

  • forming bad habits
  • pushing people away
  • feeling like you hate your job
  • and then some

And let’s face it: the more happy you feel, the less likely you are to fall into bad habits. Indeed, feeling happy can prevent you from needing to check out websites such as https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/colorado/boulder/, and knowing you can text a friend to come out for a drink to spend some time together feeds back into this happy cycle once again. So maybe it’s time for you to pick up a hobby, or try out a new TV show? Try out anything to put that smile back on your face! 

Happiness Can Also Lead to a Stronger Heart

stress happiness healthBeing able to smile, take a positive attitude towards life, and laugh a lot more often about things is incredibly good for your heart. Feeling warm inside and having that zest for life is even better for it!

We’re often told that being angry and acting on this anger is bad for our hearts.

But did you realize the other side tips the scale back to balance?

Feeling happy, letting things go, and trying to make the best out of a bad situation seems to be able to help protect your heart in the long run. 

Because when you’re happy, or actively seeking out happiness, you’re much more likely to commit to good habits such as meditation or mindfulness. Plus you’re more likely to enjoy a healthy sleep cycle and a good diet.

Not only that, but your blood pressure is much more likely to be at a healthy range. And when your blood pressure reads at an acceptable level on the scale, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood around the body. That’s good news for the strength of this muscle as you get older! 

The More You Laugh the Less You Stress!

Happiness is a big combatant in the fight against stress. And seeing as we’ve mentioned stress quite a few times over the length of this article, you already know just how annoying the effects of being stressed out can be.

laughs criesSo why not take a stand right now?

Put your headphones in, pull up a funny video, and see if you can have a laugh! It’s a good way to instantly lower your blood pressure – and/or the stress hormone level in your system –  in the short term. 

And the more you take to laughing throughout the day, and the more you take on a comedic approach to life, the less those bad days and stressful weeks will get you down.

Laughter is often quoted as being the best medicine. And while it might not be as effective as a course of antibiotics, it’s definitely an amazing preventative measure.

Human beings were made to laugh! So why not take up this natural course of defense? 

Don’t forget: laughter is also extremely contagious! So if you and your partner or your siblings have felt a bit distant lately…. or you’ve had a falling out… why not buy tickets to a comedy show for all of you?

Take some time out of your day to sit back and relax. Do nothing else but have a funny time! You might just notice yourself crawling into bed with a smile on your face. 

And Being Happy Can Even Lessen Pain

Being Happy Strengthen Your HealthFinally, if you’re feeling happy, and like you’re in a good place with your mental and/or physical health, any aches or pains you might experience throughout the day can be a lot less pervasive than they usually are.

Being happy can lead to endorphins being released, which in themselves are natural painkillers, and the more you’ve got floating around the body, the less that back ache or paper cut is going to hurt you. 

And when you realize that you’re not in as much pain as usual, if you’re someone who lives with chronic pain, you can feel a lot more happy as a result. Those aches aren’t holding you back as much as you expect them to, and you’ve got a bit more energy to make use of – what could be better? Now more endorphins have been released because of this good mood, and on and on it goes. Not all of the cycles we can fall into are bad! 

Are you happy?

It’s a loaded question. And it can take time to answer. But if you are feeling generally quite good in yourself, you’re likely to be pretty healthy too. Health and happiness are connected more than we ever thought possible. And our emotions can do a lot of damage to our bodies if we’re not careful! Maybe it’s time to look on the bright side?

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