The Benefits of the SHL OPQ & How To Evaluate an Employee’s Potential

The Benefits of the SHL OPQ & How To Evaluate an Employee’s PotentialThere are many benefits of the SHL OPQ including helping recruiters to better know how to evaluate an employee’s potential. Read on to learn more…

Every individual is unique. Not everyone performs as well as they can in specific roles, especially if they’re not well-suited for the job. 

Unfortunately, onboarding the wrong person can be costly for a company. Plus if you cannot gauge an employee’s suitability for a role accurately, then you can miss out on finding the right candidate for the job.

That’s why recruiters now use various methods to gauge an applicant’s suitability. In particular, recruiters are now using personality tests like the SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL OPQ).

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With this in mind I put together this quick guide on SHL OPQ – sharing about what it is and how to prepare for it.

So, what exactly is this SHL OPQ test, and how can it help recruiters evaluate an employee’s potential?

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire – What Is It?

The SHL OPQ is a self-report assessment that employees and potential employees can take online, which will help companies determine how suitable they are for a specific role. 

This test assesses a person’s personality and preferences in the workplace to see how well they align with their particular jobs. It doesn’t test a person’s ability or skill in specific areas, only how compatible they are with their role in the company. 

It covers three specific aspects of the workplace: your thinking style, interpersonal relationships, and feelings and emotions.

Benefits of the SHL OPQ for Employees and Companies

So, what are the benefits of this personality assessment, and how does it help companies and their employees?

1. Avoid Wasting Resources and Effort on the Wrong Hire

There’s no doubt that hiring the wrong person for a job can cost a company a lot of money, especially if an employee commits many mistakes while in that role. 

With that said, since the SHL OPQ can help companies better gauge a candidate’s suitability for a position, they’re less likely to onboard the wrong person and waste valuable resources and effort on a wrong hire.

2. Maximize an Employee’s Potential

The SHL OPQ can also help companies evaluate an employee’s potential, which will allow them to put them in positions where they can maximize this potential and thrive. 

Not only will this benefit the company because employees can do their job better, but this will also help employees be happier in their roles since they’re more suited for the job and can do it well.

Preparing for the SHL OPQ

As an employee, how can you prepare for the SHL OPQ personality test? Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Answer Honestly

This exam is designed to benefit both companies and employees by ensuring that recruiters match the right person with the right job. 

So, the best way you can prepare for this test is by simply answering the questions honestly. That way, you can ensure you’re well-suited for the role, and companies don’t waste their time on someone who can’t do the job well.

2. Understand Yourself 

Having a solid grasp of your preferences and personality traits can help you answer the questions more accurately, as well as allow recruiters to match you with the perfect role.

Conclusion on Benefits of SHL OPQ

Hiring the right person for a specific job is as essential to employees as it is for companies. When an employee is assigned to the right role, companies can eliminate unnecessary costs. Plus employees will perform better at work.

That’s why tests like the SHL OPQ are crucial. They provide recruiters and employers an accurate and objective way to determine an employee’s potential and match them with the right job.

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