How To Be the Maker of Your Dreams – Starting Now

be the maker of your dreams

Learn how to be the maker of your dream – starting now.

Note: This is a guest essay by Josselyne Saccio

Everyone has a dream.

Yet many of us give up on our dreams for fear of not having enough time or money or support to achieve them.

I have spent years working with people to empower them to clarify their dreams – then fulfill them.

Guess what?

You don’t have to wait to win the lottery to have your dreams realized.

The first question to ask is:

What is your dream source?

Yes, “dream source,” not dream.

I coined this word years ago as a way to describe the essence of WHY you want this particular dream to come true.

For example….

If your dream is to win an Academy Award, I would ask, “If you won it, what would be possible that’s now not possible for you?”

The answer takes you to a deeper level of the dream and closer to your “dream source.”

Your response: “Well, then I will have people listening to me differently and I will have more opportunity.”

Me: “What kind of opportunity?”

You:  “Opportunity to make more money.”

Me: “Then what would be possible if you had more money?”

You: “I could buy a house.”

Me: “Then what would be possible?”

be the maker of your dreamsYou: “I could stop worrying about money.”

Me: “Then what would be possible?”

You: “I could focus on what really matters in life.”

Me: “Like what?”

You: “Like how I could make a difference for children who are starving.”

Me: “What could you do?”

You: “I could create nourishment programs for starving children.”

Me: “Then what would be present on the planet?”

You: “Honor, vitality, and partnership.”

I’ll usually stop when I get to something like that.

Other answers I’ve heard are projects to create self expression, joy, appreciation, independence, creativity, etc.

These are all examples of a  person’s “dream source.”

Another way to approach the search for a “dream source” is to look at your childhood.

  • What was your favorite moment?
  • What was there in that moment – what feeling or sense of something?

how to be the maker of your dreamsOnce you have identified your “dream source,” you’ll see that you don’t have to wait for an Academy Award to find honor and partnership.

You can create that with anyone at anytime under any circumstance.

Being able to create honor at Starbucks or with your mother-in-law or with your boss will allow you to fulfill you dreams right now – instead of someday.

Dreams can be fulfilled everyday if you stop looking for a circumstances to make your dreams real – and instead start bringing your “dream source” to every circumstance.

As Willy Wonka says, “We are the makers of dreams.”

Josselyne Herman-Saccio, wife and mother of three, is a communication expert, author of Peace Promises and The Promise Effect, and the founder of United Global Shift, a non-profit organization dedicated to shifting the planet from fear, scarcity and, survival to peace and possibility. Follow Josselyne on Twitter @Jossibility. Check out her: The Art of Being Unmessable With.

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