7 Practical and Simple Rules For A Happy Life (Happiness Tools)

Simple Rules For A Happy Life shared by loving characterIf you’re looking for happiness, there are specific simple rules for a happy life that you should follow. Here are what I’ve found to be the top 7 happiness tools which help me the most. Plus I’ve designed them into a handy quote poster you can print out and keep!

Are you feeling in a bad mood lately – because life has been a bit of bully lately?

Or maybe you’re feeling grumpy – but don’t know why. You just know that you are grumbling beneath your breath a lot.

And maybe not always beneath your breath.

No worries either way!

Here are 7 of my Simple Rules For A Happy Life which I have written about – believe in – and live by!

Regularly read over this list of Happiness Tools. You’ll become aware of what you need to do more of – or less of – to boost your mood.

7 Practical and Simple Rules For A Happy Life

Rule 1:

The past is good to learn from – not live in.

Rule 2:

Time heals most things. Give time time.

Rule 3:

Don’t compare your life to others – and make yourself bad. And don’t judge others either – to make yourself feel superior.

Rule 4:

Stop over-thinking things.

Rule 5:

Stop caring what others think. Just be your best, truest self.

Rule 6:

Be kind – even to jerks. Let them be a jerk. You be a kind person.

Rule 7:

Keep faith-ing forward.

I’ve also designed these 7 Simple Rules For A Happy Life into a handy dandy quote poster.

Feel free to print out these Happiness Rules – and hang it on your refrigerator – so you can read them often and marinate them into your mind.

Or pass these Happiness Rules forward in an email or social media – to offer others some helpful happiness insights and a little extra loving.  Tag me on Instagram and say hello! I’m @notsalmon.

7 Practical and Simple Rules For A Happy Life quote poster

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