20 Kindness Quotes For Kids And Adults To Inspire A Better World

kindness quotesKind people are my kinda people. I say this so much – I turned my saying into one of the many viral 20 kindness quotes in this collection below. I hope these reminders inspire you to want to make a difference  – and create a better world.

(Psssst…If you’re new to my work, hi there! I’m a bestselling author,  award winning designer and research geek on happiness and health. I love to create inspiring quote posters and books and video courses to help people to live a life they love!)

I’m on a mission to make kindness trendy!

I created these kindness quotes for kids and adults – both!

Sadly, bullying is not just a problem for kids.

Adults can be bullies too. We just call them different names – like “jerks” or “drama llamas” or “a***holes.” Same thing, though!

Plus bullying is not only happening during in person encounters. It’s happening on the internet and cellphones.

It’s important to keep in mind that bullying represents emotional pain not just for the victim – but for the bully themselves.

Both “the bully” and “the bullied” are in need of emotional support.

I’ve written and designed these 20 kindness quotes for 2 purposes

  1. to help people feel better after a jerky person
  2. and to inspire people to not be jerky – and to choose kindness instead.

I truly hope these kindness reminders inspire you to be a kindness rockstar.

Do random acts of kindness daily – and you will make a difference.

You can do your part to create a better world – one kind act at a time.

How Best To Use These Kindness Quotes

  • Please share these quotes on Instagram – so we help to make kindness trendy!
  • Use these kindness sayings as mobile wallpapers – so you are kinder in texts and on calls!

Let’s raise kind kids!

20 Kindness Quotes


kindness quote


be kind but with spine


bullying quotes

3.bullying quotes


bullying quotes


bullying quotes


INFU poster kind people copyright


kindness quotes


bullying quotes


bullying quotes


kindness quote time travel


bullying quotes


kindness quotes


kindness quotes


kindness quotes


kindness quotes


bullying quotes



kindness quotes


nice guys are the sexiest



bullying quotes


kindness quotes


bullying quotes


bullying quotes

Bonus Kindness Quote

be the reasons someone believes in kindness and goodness

Appreciate your kind friends!

Do an act of kindness for them!

Gift them my bestselling friendship book, Friends Forever Whatever Whenever!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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