How to Live Happily and Die Happily: A Philosophical View

How to Live Happily and Die Happily

If you learn how to live happily then you’ll be more likely to die happily. Read on for insights to help you live a fulfilling life.

Note: This is a guest post by Neil Johnson

Ever wondered what’s the secret to a happy death?

  • To live well beforehand.

So what makes a successful, happy life?

  • Do everything that you came here for – satisfy your purpose for being here.

And how is life when you don’t feel alive?

  • Dull and lifeless.

In order to be happy, you need to feel like you’re progressing toward something.

A life without flow and creation feels unproductive, unhappy, and like living in vain.

Basically… you came here to experience growth and fulfillment. If something is blocking you, you are meant to learn how to improve your situation. In fact, learning how to overcome your blockages is a big part of why you’re here on this planet.

How to Live Happily and Die Happily

Often a person has a good life and possesses most of the desired things, but cannot enjoy them.


  • Because this person did not put in enough effort to appreciate it.

You need to create what you came here for in order to appreciate it. Things can’t just land on your lap.

All of us bring something unique into this world.

  • You have certain knowledge, belief, or inspiration that moves forward with creation.
  • And you need to utilize your gifts in order to feel happy.

You also need to understand your parents and the life they have lived. After all, this is part of your foundation. When you understand why your parents live the way they do, then you can more mindfully change or move away from what they’re trying to pass down to you. Unfortunately, when you believe your parents are more advanced than they really are, then you might not give yourself room to evolve past them. 

The attitude of such families

Sometimes your family won’t be happy if you want to be too different. For example, they might not want to hear about your plans to become a lawyer when your entire family has been working as smiths, through generations.

You shouldn’t deny your true essence. After all, you want to change badly for a good reason. You’re here to be your truest you.Therefore, you need to look for a solution that works

Unfortunately, many times if a change seems unattainable, then the child that is striving to improve will eventually give up on trying. This can make the child very depressed.

How to choose a healthy way of life 

When you live in a healthy way, you know what you want and your life flows and feels like a blessing. You know why you came here, and how to support your family and society through your knowledge or talent. 

As long as your heart beats, you can choose to live life in a fulfilling way.

  • If you cannot truly live with fulfillment, your soul can choose to let go of your body.

Why does your soul hold on to your body?

  • Because this is the only living form it knows.

There are many kinds of living beings around us, including plants, animals, etc.

For instance, bacteria don’t want to become human instantly because they aren’t conscious enough to. When we learn about evolution, we should consider this. Single-cell organisms don’t know what is going to happen after their division, yet they just let it happen.

Only humans don’t allow things to unfold naturally.

  • We are afraid of the consequences, but even more of not becoming the best. 

If we don’t allow things to naturally unfold and are always afraid of what’s following, then we get stuck at a certain level and sabotage our own development. The natural flow of life is growing continuously and evolving toward something greater. Every living being aims to do so.

When you think you achieved everything you could and think that you cannot add to it anymore, you stop growing.

Why is this a problem?

  • Because you can always do more and be more.

There is always room for development. If you believe there’s nothing more you can do, you stop thriving.

  • When you stop growing, you block progress and those who try to help you. 

If we think that we cannot be more, or there is no more here for us, why would new souls be born? Why should children be born?

  • When unborn souls cannot contribute to already existing things, they want to wait to be born.

What they are actually waiting for is the world to wake up.

  • They are waiting to add something extra to humanity.
  • And that’s why the number of newborns isn’t rising as it could. 

We need to work on the current level of our consciousness, so we can bring forth something new, and add greater value to society. And we need to remove our masks to enjoy greater relationships.

This is the only way to encourage the necessary self-development for new souls to want to arrive and be present among us.

  • When we are able to do this, the souls that are waiting to be born will appear. 

The balance between life and death

If there is more death than birth, it shows how inefficiently our society works and everything declines. Whereas, if there are more births than deaths, it means that growth happens too quickly, and our society struggles to keep up with it.

Birth brings new knowledge as opposed to death which takes it away. 

This is the reason why someone who is unable to change, will eventually die. Whenever you absorb new knowledge, you lengthen your life. If you are unable to accommodate something new then you become stiff and it is unenjoyable to be around you.

The more haughty you become, the more unwilling you are to evolve.

Haughtiness is a major deficit on which you cannot build. You stay stuck because you believe that you know all you need to know. Such unhealthy thoughts lead to an unhealthy body, that becomes weaker and eventually dies.

But it can be a very unpleasant road until death; when you take two steps backward and one forward, you only confuse yourself. 

You have to live life to the fullest if you want to be happy. 

Most people, when they realize they can’t really use and apply their knowledge, wind up giving up. You must be strong enough to take on the knowledge that your parents and grandparents didn’t provide you. When this happens, take the responsibility to apply and pass over possibly outdated knowledge that some of your ancestors didn’t teach you. 

When you feel change is inevitable and necessary, don’t hesitate to make it happen, even if it seems risky. Listen to your intuition when it whispers that what has been working so far is not quite the way you should go on. Be it a career, relationship, or any new skill you want to immerse yourself in. When you start letting go of the old things that don’t work you wind up creating new pathways which can bring you unimagined happiness – if you are willing to take the chance.

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