The Important Difference Between “Pleasure” and “Happiness”

The Important Difference Between “Pleasure” and “Happiness”

The important difference between “pleasure” versus “true happiness”
It’s important to know the difference between Pleasure versus Happiness in order to live a happy life. When you understand the dangers of chasing after the superficial temporary high of pleasure your life will radically improve.

As many of my readers know I have a Platonic crush on Aristotle, the Greek philosopher.

I write about Ari (as I affectionately call him) in many of my books, courses and essays).

My #1 favorite belief from Aristotle: 

The reason why so many people are unhappy is that they confuse “pleasure” for “true happiness.”

So what is the difference between pleasure vs happiness?

Pleasure” (aka: “hedonia”):

This kind of enjoyment is all about immediate gratification of the body and/or ego. It’s impulse-driven hedonism – hit and run joy – superficial and fleeting.

It’s “fake happiness.”

When you’re caught up in “pleasure,”  you’re “body-focused” or “ego-focused” or “superficially-externally-focused”  – instead of “soul-focused”  (or “true-core-self-focused”).

“True happiness” (aka: eudaimonia ):

This kind of enjoyment is all about surrounding yourself with good habits and friends and love partners who stretch your soul – and thereby empower you to grow into your highest potential.

Often “true happiness” requires “delayed gratification” – because you have to put in the extra effort of discipline, patience and assorted strong character values – before that “feel good high” kicks in.

The important difference between “pleasure” versus “true happiness”

But when it does, it’s amped up higher than “pleasure” can ever take you.

Plus “true happiness” creates “long-haul joy” – because “true happiness” is all about growing who you are inside of yourself – so it lasts as long as YOU last.

Basically, my favorite Greek philosopher buddy Aristotle believed that “true happiness” is about recognizing that your soul is your ultimate g-spot for happiness – not your ego or body.

In summary:

If you want to be happy, you gotta do actions your soul can be proud of!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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