How Kids And Adults Can Be Kindness Rockstars

How Kids And Adults Can Be Kindness Rockstars

I’m a mission to help kids (and adults) to become kindness rockstars!

It makes me so sad to regularly read about all the bullying going on in schools.

I wanted to do something to help.

So, back in 2011 I created a range of inspiring kindness quote posters to inspire kids to be Kindness Rockstars.

My kindness mission:

I want to stop the increase in bullying – by creating a poster campaign which makes kindness feel cool, stylish and trendy!

I invited parents, teachers and kids to share these messages – and encourage kids to be what I call “Kindness Rockstars.”

Below is one of my most viral kindness rockstar quote posters I designed.

Plus here’s a full collection of kindness quotes – 20 kindness reminders to inspire people to make a different and help our world to be a better place.

How you can be a kindness rockstar

Feel free to print out any and all of my kindness quotes and put them in your child’s room.

Or share these kindness reminders in a school classroom.

Pass the positivity forward and post these kindness rockstar quotes in social media! Tag me on Instagram and say a friendly howdy! I’m @notsalmon

My one wish: credit.   If you share the poster at a school, please keep my name and website name on it. And if you share it on your site, I’d appreciate a link back to this post!  Thanks! 

kindness rockstar quote poster

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