How To Forgive? Use This Concept Of Spiritual Debt!

If someone has hurt us deeply, we often don’t want to forgive them because we don’t want to let them off the hook from repaying us a “spiritual debt” we feel they owe us for all the pain they have caused.

This is why often people are tempted to pursue revenge – as a method to even out a “spiritual debt.”

But doing an act of revenge only dirties up our side of the street – which dirties up our sense of self.

We should never let the bad someone’s done to us stop us from behaving at our best.

This is why “forgiveness” is the cleanest way to move forward.

Forgiveness is making the decision not to roll around in our offender’s mud.

Forgiveness is making the choice to release our offender from the “spiritual debt” we feel they owe us – so we can invest our thoughts and energy more wisely – and not risk going into more “spiritual debt” because of mounting anger and resentment.

Decide today to cancel the “spiritual debt” you feel your offender owes you.

  • Write down all their offenses.
  • Then cross out each offense – writing the words “canceled” or “paid in full” next to each and every one.

Your life will feel richer by canceling any and all “spiritual debts” – and choosing to invest your time and energy into love, laughter and peace of mind.

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How To Forgive? Use The Concept Of Spiritual Debt!

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