12 Ways To Live A More Inspired Life – Feeling In Flow

live a more inspired life feeling in flow

Here are 12 ways to live a more inspired life – feeling in flow.

Note: This is a guest blog by the awesome Rebecca Hulse

Inspiration is the ultimate desirable place of flow – where ideas just float down from the universe into your pretty head – and flow out into whatever physical form is best.

Inspiration is a state of gratitude, ease, fun, endless creativity, and energy.

Living a a more inspired life feels effortless.

Here’s the thing…. A lot of modern life doesn’t support inspirational living.

We get…

Please don’t do this.

You are better than this. You’ve got lots of talent and potential. You’re a shining force – so let’s just not go there.

Instead let’s create lives of inspiration!

But how?

Happily, I’ve trouble shooted the top 12 things to stop doing – so you can get energized by inspiration and keep on moving forward!

Seeking To Live an Inspired Life?

Don’t do these 12 things!

1. Don’t force things. 

Inspiration is the highest state of what psychologists call “flow.” Meaning? Any kind of ‘Forced effort’ works against inspiration.  In this case opposites do not attract. Stay away from ‘making yourself’ write a book on a subject that’s not your passion, learning tedious SEO when you aren’t a tech junkie. Do what your spirit really yearns and craves for you to do.

Ask yourself this: What is it that my deepest part of me yearns for me to express? Listen and do that… right now! (Hell even screw reading the rest of the article! I’ll be here when you get back!)

2. Don’t multitask.

You know you do it. We all do it. But if you have only one brain, why give it two things to think about? Give your brain a chance to pull its divine wisdom out by giving it undivided time and attention.

Ask yourself this: What is my intention for this time?

3. Don’t complain and/or do negative behaviors. 

Inspiration = high vibration! Negative behavior = low vibration! Be on the same vibration as what you desire.

Ask yourself this: Is my vibration body matching the consciousness of what I want?

4. Don’t hold tension.

If you’re holding onto an idea of something – or holding too tightly to a concept – it’s going to show up in your body. You will feel sore muscles, a tight neck, an inflexible back.  This is your body communicating that you are holding onto things. Tension is a stuck energy that is the opposite of flow.

Ask yourself this: What is this tension I am feeling in my body trying to tell me?

5. Don’t hold vague intentions.

If you want to invite inspiration to you,  keep in mind this analogy from The Law of Attraction.  The universe is a lot like a giant restaurant. If you say to the waiter “I don’t know what I want – order me something nice!”  you risk the waiter’s tastes being completely different than yours! Or you risk getting nothing at all! However, if you order a dish you’re excited about you will receive a dish you love.  Set the intention for the result you want.

Ask yourself this: What is my clear intention for XYZ?

6. Don’t be unsupportive of yourself!

Not backing your own dear self is one of the worst inspiration mistakes ever. How can the universe give you the inspiration you are looking for if you won’t confidently support it when you receive it? Don’t always be second guessing – and one-hundred- and second guessing yourself! You need to be your own biggest fan –  your own rock – your own life rope. Trust that you know what you are doing.

Ask yourself this: How can I support myself right now?

9. Don’t have a wishy washy message

You need to have something you passionately want to say and it needs to be specific. Wanting to make women feel good, or love people or help small businesses is great – but you need to be an enthusiast on a topic for true inspiration to find you.

Ask yourself this: If I were to give a TEDx talk – and had only 18 minutes to tell 10,000 people one thing – what would that be?

10. Don’t only listen to your brain. 

Your brain’s priority is to keep you safe and specifically alive. So anything that has risk, challenges or any ‘unknown’ factors can be seen as a threat to your well meaning brain. To get inspiration stop listening to your brain’s overly protective, judgmental whispers – and just allow the ideas to surface without judgment.  Write it all down stream of consciousness – without being so self conscious. Then re-read what you’ve written and allow your wise inner you to make decisions.

Ask yourself this: Is this my brain or my intuition?

11. Don’t live in mess or clutter

Everyone has a clutter level. Some have a high tolerance and some have a low one. I need and like order – but it’s not my forte. If I’m feeling blocked creatively,  I clear up the chaos around me.

Ask yourself this: What feels like a clear space to me?

12. Don’t be too rigid

Inspiration is a state of flow- which means you need flexibility to be in the vibration of flow. Meaning? Loosen up in all ways – not just creatively. For example: It’s okay to not to do “day 8” of your juice fast if you feel like it’s not serving you anymore. It’s okay to change your mind about your blog post idea. It’s okay to say no – even after you have said yes. After all, inspiration is about going with the flow.

Ask yourself this: What is right for me right now? How can I be in the flow in this moment?

Written and shared with love by Rebecca Hulse. For more about Rebecca click here now!

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