How to forgive the unforgivable….

How to forgive the unforgivable?

You must recognize firstly that forgiveness is a process.

Forgiveness is not about giving your approval of your offender’s wrong doing.

It’s not about viewing what they did as less harmful than it truly was.

And it’s not about giving your offender a free pass to keep on doing wrongful actions against you.

Forgiveness is about recognizing that staying resentful creates an “active echo” of the pain your offender caused.

By saying that the awful offense your offender did is “beyond forgiving,” you give them the power to keep their offense alive in your heart.

Basically, by choosing not to forgive, you give your offender continued power over you.

Forgiveness begins with the mind recognizing that there’s a truthful logic in how the past cannot be changed, but happily the present and future can be.

Eventually forgiveness progresses to the heart – with the heart deciding it will no longer allow the offender’s pain to take permanent residence.

Yes, it is a process, but eventually the mind and heart can together recognize that the choice to forgive is both logical and spiritually liberating!

xo, Karen

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