7 Little Things Dogs Want From Their Owners

Things Dogs Want

Dogs make us happy, so here are some little things dogs want and love from their owners – so we can make them happy right back!

Dogs are gurus. It sounds like a crazy thing to say, but it’s true. If they have food and shelter, they’re happy.

They’re not like people, always looking for the next thing.

For them, the mere act of waking up in the morning is sufficient for it to be a “good day.” 

As you might know, I’m not only a happy dog owner. I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher.

I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned that hanging out with adorable pets can greatly boost our human happiness. And making your dog happy will ALSO make you extra happy!

In light of this, what can owners do to show their appreciation to their dogs?

7 Little Things Dogs Want From Their Owners

Let’s take a look at some things we humans can do to make our dogs wag their tails with joy. 

1. Belly Scratches

Dogs love belly scratches. It makes them feel cosy and simulates the grooming the pack would have provided in the wild. It also helps to loosen up any fleas that might have taken up residence in their coats. 

According to experts, though, you shouldn’t hug your dog. Being in a full embrace actually makes them feel quite uneasy, especially if you pull their face close to yours. It’s always important to take care of your beloved pet.

Plus, according to anythinggermanshepherd.com you need to be extra careful with pregnant dogs – to make sure that your dog has a smooth pregnancy.

2. Fresh Food

You can feed them biscuits all day long. But, according to Freshpet dog food reviews, what they really want is the best dog food. Fresh is more interesting, tastes better, and actually provides the kind of nutrition that suits them best

So why not give them a fresh treat? Everyone loves spoiling their pets from time to time, and treating your dog with a fresh yummy snack is no exception, and there’s nothing fresher than a cube or two of fresh watermelon. Can dogs have watermelon? They certainly can! The flesh of the watermelon is not only tasty but also a great source of hydration and important vitamins and minerals. Giving your dog a fresh treat every now and then is an excellent way to show them just how much you care. Keep in mind that a fresh treat at the right time can only be heaven!

3. Toys They Own

Incredibly, dogs seem to understand the nuances of property rights. They like the idea of having toys of their own, instead of those that they have to share with people and other animals. 

Toys serve several purposes in dogs. One is to provide mental stimulation, keeping their minds active and providing an enjoyable activity. 

Another is for communication. Dogs, it turns out, also use toys to tell their owners that they want something. Often pups will chew when they want attention or need to go for a walk. 

4. Peaceful Spots For Sleeping

Doggies love nothing more than taking a peaceful nap in a quiet spot. While they can always sleep through kids screaming, they prefer to sleep in tranquillity, just like people. 

If you know that your dog loves to sleep during the day, provide them with a separate space they can go to get some shut-eye. Perhaps provide a dog bed and a blanket for them to stay warm. 

5. Strong Leadership

Dogs also want their human masters to be strong leaders for them – which means you should learn good dog training.

Doggies are naturally wary animals by themselves. But when they know who’s in charge, they feel much more comfortable. When you set the schedule and provide consistent rules, they feel safe and secure. Failing to provide strong leadership can lead to behavioural issues, such as bedwetting and excessive barking. 

6. A Routine

Related to this idea is the notion that dogs love a regular routine. Dogs like the idea that things happen at certain times of the day.

For instance, they like it when their owners take them for exercise at the same time – say 7 am. They also like it when mealtimes arrive at specific times.

Grooming can also be part of the routine, as this activity has many benefits. In addition to health positives, the bonding between your dog and you can intensify. However, the frequency depends on your pup’s breed, coat type, and temperament. Grooming can include bathing, brushing, and trimming. You can also do the latter at home if you have a suitable dog clipper.

7. Positive Words

Doggies don’t understand the nuances of language. But they can understand your tone. It is critical, therefore, to speak in soft, delicate tones. Try not to raise your voice when telling them off. They will just think you are trying to play the “who can be the loudest dog?” game. 

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