A Guide To Getting A Slimmer And Trimmer Waist

A Guide To Getting A Slimmer And Trimmer WaistIf you feel like you’re packing on pounds around your belly, then you will appreciate this helpful guide to getting a slimmer, trimmer waist.

When you notice that you are gaining some weight around your stomach and waist then you need to become mindful of the cause behind this fat deposit. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to gain weight around the waistline – plus tricky and difficult to lose fat from this part of your body. However, with some lifestyle and dietary changes – plus specific targeted exercises – you can start lose that stubborn belly fat and achieve a small waist.

Gaining considerable fat in the abdominal area is linked with higher mortality rates. This is because in the abdominal region there are mainly two types of fat.

  • visceral fat
  • subcutaneous fat

We are well aware of the subcutaneous fat  – because it is the most visible one – which sticks out from our posture – and sometimes wobbles when we move (impacting our self-esteem).

However, gaining visceral fat is dangerous as well – because it presses on the internal organs – and prevents them from functioning properly. 

No worries. I’m here to help!

As you might know, I am a bestselling author who shares research based tools to help people to manage their unhealthy habits around food.

I founded the groundbreaking video course: Stop Emotional Eating.

I love sharing insights and strategies to help people master their thoughts and habits around eating and health.

With this in mind I put together this quick guide for slimming down your waistline.

Without further ado, let us get on to the part where you can learn about waist-trimming tips.

How To Get That Slimmer, Trimmer Waist?

Read on to learn 5 healthy ways to get a slimmer and trimmer waist.

1. Get into hula hooping

Hula hoops are great for losing weight from around the waist as the movement is concentrated on the core muscles of that area more specifically. Weighted hoops can help you burn calories faster thus getting that slim waist quicker.

2. Avoid bloating foods

Bloated stomach can stick out the mid-section as well. Therefore, it’s best to eat foods and drink beverages that help get rid of this discomforting gas. You can can drink teas like green tea, ginger tea, and peppermint tea with a splash of lemon juice to help improve your metabolism by cleansing the gut. Also, you can eat protein-rich foods such as fish and tofu – to help with bloating as well. However, do avoid white bread, pasta, salty, and processed foods to prevent bloating.


High-intensity interval training workouts particularly target the abdominal area and are a highly effective way of losing belly weight fast. Along with this it helps lower blood pressure, improves blood oxygen levels and blood sugar levels.

4. Planks

Usually exercises that target the deep core muscles, which are transversus abdominis, obliques, pelvic floor, and multifidus, are effective in getting a slim waist. These can be reverse pelvic crunches, side planks, forearm hip dips, dead bugs, standing oblique crunches, Birddog crunches, and forearm planks.

5. Bust the stress

It is important to note that increased stress levels can contribute to weight gain – because it creates an excess release of insulin in the body. This can consequently lead to a sudden drop in blood sugar levels which will eventually cause you to crave sugary foods and savory snacks. With this in mind, you should practice taking a pause. Be sure to take out some time every day to do yoga, meditate. You can also read a book. Plus be sure to get adequate sleep.

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