Which Buddha Statue Is Good For Peace?

Which Buddha Statue Is Good For Peace

If you want to create a relaxing home or office, you might want to know which Buddha statue is good for peace. So, let’s start off with a little background on Buddha and Buddhism.

The Buddha’s reputation can be traced back to the emergence of Buddhism. Buddhists believe that one can achieve nirvana or enlightenment through continuous meditation, good behavior, physical and spiritual labor.

Due to this belief, several stores have opened their doors to Buddha head statues to remind people of the importance of peace in a chaotic world.

I too love to help people to find peace – even in the midst of challenging times. As you might know, I am a bestselling happiness author. Plus I studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher.

Plus I founded the groundbreaking video course: Develop Stronger Intuition.

And I’m always sharing articles to help people master their challenging thoughts and stressful feelings.

With this in mind I put together this quick guide to which Buddha statue is good for peace.

My top three picks in selecting Buddha statues

1. Meditation Buddha

Meditation Buddhas represent the desire to attract peace. Thanks to this, it became a popular statue option for people who wish to invite tranquility into their homes.

The statue was designed to paint Buddha sitting with folded legs as he lifted his face and placed his hands still on his lap. Aside from this, the statue’s eyes were created to be partially or fully closed to make him appear deep in meditation.

The Buddha statue’s shape is inspired by the triangle – which is meant to represent stability.

Depending on the store you visit, you may come across a meditation Buddha with an alms bowl on his lap.

Since this statue represents intense concentration, the position of a meditation Buddha should be in a serenity or pooja room. Moreover, it would be best to light a few incense sticks or candles around the statue to improve your focus while meditating.

2. Earth touching Buddha

This pose is the most popular among Buddha idols and is considered to be the most symbolic, given that it accurately represents the Buddha’s enlightenment.

Generally speaking, Earth touching Buddhas are publicly displayed within Thai temples. For this situation, the idol often appears to have his legs crossed, leaving his left hand on the lap as the Buddha’s right-hand poses to be pointing to the ground where the palm was inwardly facing to the Buddha.

The position was referred to as “Calling The Earth to Witness.”

This is a testament to the story of Gautam Buddha’s years of meditation and sudden encounter with the demon Mara’s temptations. Though Mara was powerful, Buddha successfully overcame it.

He touched the ground to summon the Earth Goddess, who is then the witness to his nirvana. With this background in mind, purchasing this kind of statue has long symbolized keeping one’s ground, which could mean not allowing outside elements to affect your internal peace.

Placing it on the East, where the sun rises, is the best choice – because the sun is also associated with hope.

3. Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is widely recognized among Western countries and it’s commonly associated with luck and prosperity. Laughing Buddhas or Ho Tai is also known to be a beacon of positivity.

Laughing Buddhas are meant to attract positive energies like peace.

Ho Tai is actually a Chinese monk similar to Santa because of his background as a saint of children. This statue usually depicts either sitting or standing with Ho Tai’s hands over his head to support an imaginary pot of Ru-Yi to bestow wealth to people around him. His status is also always accompanied by five laughing children, making Ho Tai appear more cheerful.

Like the Earth touching Buddha, this statue should also be positioned on the East as it’s a lucky direction to Chinese people. Thus, improving your chances of feeling relaxed.

Which Buddha Statue Will You Pick?

No matter which Buddha statue you pick, you still have first to research the purpose and background of the Buddha statue, so you can make the right decision.

Plus, don’t forget that statues are only meant to encourage a good mindset. It’s your responsibility to bring peace into your life by making wise decisions and maintaining good relationships.

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