3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our DogsDogs are wonderful companions, but did you ever stop to think about the lessons we can learn from our dogs?

Your four-legged friend can teach you a lot about life and how to live, despite his inability to instruct you verbally on your day-to-day living. 

What life lessons are we talking about?

Well, below are just a few examples.

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With this in mind, here are some inspiring lessons in life we can learn from dogs!

3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Below are some life lessons we can from our dogs on how to be happy.

1.  It’s good to play

fun playful quote karen salmansohnLife is too short to not have any fun, so learn from your dog in this regard.

Dogs love nothing more than an afternoon with a stick or a ball, and they especially like it when they have somebody else to play with.

And dogs play to stave off boredom! It’s also part of their natural development.

Be it a rough and tumble game with another dog or a game of catch with their owners, they develop both their social skills and their fine motor skills when engaged in play.

Of course, you can learn these skills yourself when you’re playing games with others, but the real takeaway here is this: Have fun! 

We often take life too seriously, often by becoming too consumed with the jobs we have and our other duties. But when this happens, we have less time for fun and play in our lives, and our levels of stress can rise as a result.

If you relate to this, schedule in time for fun. Play games with your dog, your kids, and your friends. Or simply play games by yourself. Learn from the carefree nature of your dog and do whatever makes you feel happy, regardless of your age and status. 

2. Forgiveness matters

  • Does your dog hold a grudge against you when you withhold a treat?
  • Or does he go into a month-long sulk because you snapped at him when he did something naughty?

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our DogsThe answer to both questions is probably no… because dogs are remarkably quick to forgive.

This is partly because they value the relationships with their owners!

So, think about the grudges you hold against others. Think about the people that you have shut from your life.

  • Is your lack of forgiveness worth it?

You may have lost valuable friends or family members as a result, and you may have let the bitterness of your anger fester inside of yourself. 

We know it’s not always easy to forgive but do so when you can. You will restore relationships if you do, and you will do much for your mental health when peace has been made.

  • These forgiveness quotes might be helpful to you so use any that can support you on your forgiveness journey. 

3. Healthy living is important

Pet owners strive to keep their pets happy and healthy. Regular visits to vet clinics are crucial to ensure prolonged healthy living of your pets.

You’ll be doing all kinds of things for the sake of your dog’s health. From taking him on long walks to reading dog food reviews when choosing what to buy, you will be doing much to care for all of his health needs. You will be keeping up with your dog’s vet appointments too, for checkups and those extra visits you need to make when you suspect something is wrong. 

You do all of these things because you don’t want your dog to get sick and because you love him.

  • But do you do these things for yourself?
  • Do you exercise as much as you should (outside of your dog walking)?
  • And do you eat the foods you should?
  • Do you visit your doctor when you show signs of ill health?

Many of us care more for our pet’s health than our own but learn from this mistake. Love yourself like you love your dog by learning from the things you do for their health needs. 

What other life lessons can your dog teach you? 

Think about it today and then reward your dog with a walk and a cuddle to thank them for all of the ways in which they have benefited your life.

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