Walk A Bit Faster, Live A Bit Longer [Research Study]

Walk A Bit Faster = Live LongerWant to live a little longer and healthier? According to research you just need to walk a bit faster – and over time you’ll live bit longer.

research study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, reports that if you pick up your pace while you’re walking, you can….

  • decrease your chances of dying from heart disease
  • add a few years onto your life

So what’s considered a good speed for walking?

  • an average speed is anything around 3 mph or less
  • a faster speed is 3.25 to 4.35mph

Researchers said that a good indicator that you’re walking at a fast pace is that eventually you start to feel slightly out of breath or sweaty.

In general walking anywhere from an average speed to a fast speed is reported to cut the risk of death by more than 20% over a 15 year period.

Specifically the results from this study reported…

  • People who walked at an “average pace” decreased their chance of mortality by a fifth
  • People who walked at a “brisk or fast pace” decreased their chance of mortality by almost a quarter

The researches also discovered that the older a person is, the bigger the bonus effects.

People who were aged 60 or older – who walked regularly – and started to speed up their walking – wound up reducing their risk of death from heart disease by 53 per (compared to 46 per cent for those who walked at a regular steady pace.)

It’s important to note that the researchers were unable to find a link between walking pace and the risk of dying of cancer.

In summary:

Professor Stamatakis suggested that simply walking at a faster pace is the solution to those who feel they don’t have enough time to walk more overall.

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