How To Create A Personalized Powerful Affirmation To Boost Positivity

A Highly Powerful Affirmation That Will Change The Way You ThinkIf you want to be happier, you might want to create a personalized powerful affirmation – in order to truly change the way you think – because you’ll be getting to the root of your negativity. Read on for my method.

A lot of people love to do affirmations first thing in the morning – to keep themselves feeling peppy and positive.

I myself have some favorite go-to affirmations which I love.

But…I gotta say, sometimes I’ve noticed that affirmations just don’t work.

Especially if I’m feeling particularly curmudgeon-y – which is when I need the mental and emotional support the most.

Has this ever happened for you too?

My private coaching clients have told me it happens for them a lot. And so do my awesome followers on Instagram.

The problem?

Often when you’re in a highly negative state, then fluffy, one-size-fits-all affirmations will simply feel like false hype.

You’ll have trouble absorbing the positivity into your thought system.

The solution?

A Highly Powerful Affirmation That Will Change The Way You ThinkI recommend a new more Powerful Affirmation -which I call “Antidote Thought Therapy” – the thought breakfast of champions!

“Antidote Thought Therapy” is a very powerful because it’s about finding and repeating BELIEVABLE FACTS – which logically counteract the negativity in your subconscious and conscious minds.

“Antidote Thought Therapy” is a thought system based in logic and personalization – as well as positivity.

Instead of repeating a general positive affirmation, you take 5 to 10 minutes to write out a personalized list of “Antidote Thoughts”  – a range of factual reasons for you to logically prove to yourself that you should be feeling happy, loved and successful.

These “Antidote Thoughts” then logically disprove your negative thinking.

How To Create a Personalized Powerful Affirmation

Let’s say you wake up feeling negative – with a loop of self-doubting thoughts about how you’re gonna mess up a big client meeting.

You can write Antidote Thoughts like these…

  1. I remember I was nervous before that meeting in October – and I slamdunked that meeting.  I can slamdunk again!
  2. This client I’m meeting with today has often told me how much they love my ideas- even told me I’m smart. I’m sure I’ll be smart in this meeting.
  3. I scored high on my SAT’s! I’m smart! I’m sure I’ll be able to present something smart to the client.
  4. I remember my college professor told me that my thesis paper was the best he’d read in over a decade – because it was full of innovative ideas. I’m truly capable of being smart and outside of the box in my thinking.
  5. I spent many hours preparing – and truly understand the client’s needs and business. Plus I slept a good 8 hours. I’m sure this combo of preparedness and energized clarity will help to make the client putty in my hands.

These Antidote Thoughts are a highly Powerful Affirmation system – because they get to the root of your negative thinking.

After repeating Antidote Thoughts, you should feel a shift in your energy, mood and confidence.

In fact, Antidote Thoughts should change the way you think even more powerfully than general positive affirmations  – because you’ve chosen to unknot the root of your negative beliefs.

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