A Calming, Powerful Mantra To Heal Anger

A Calming, Powerful Mantra To Heal Anger

Here’s a calming, powerful mantra to heal anger. Simply repeat it when someone says mean things or does negative things to you.

I learned this calming mantra for anger from my 3 year old son (Ari).

The mantra for anger:

  • Ari says: “NO thank you” or “No Thanks!” to the mean kids in his class.

There was one kid who was calling everyone poopy-head.

When he called Ari this name, Ari told me he told him…

“NO thank you.”

Basically Ari was not accepting these words and actions.

Ari was not allowing these negative words to be received in his heart, mind, spirit.

I love how these words “NO thank you” can work as a protective shield for the spirit.

A Calming, Powerful Mantra To Heal AngerIf you’re an adult, you can use this mantra to heal anger as well.

You simply do not need to say this mantra for anger out loud to the other person’s face – as Ari was doing.

You can silently say “NO thank you” – as a calming mantra to yourself.

How Adults Can Use This Mantra For Anger:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Think about a person who’s harmed you (in words or actions). Envision them clearly.
  • Repeat silently to yourself “No thank you, no thank you, no thank you.”
  • With each repeat of this calming mantra, envision the person getting further and further away from you – or dimmer and dimmer.

Trust me: You will feel a lot better.

Oh – and here’s a second healing mantra for anger!

A few weeks after Ari started his “no thank you mantra,” he and I were watching a children’s TV show. One of the characters said “Return to sender!” to someone who said something mean to them.

Ari and I talked about how this phrase “Return to sender!” might also serve as another way to keep negativity away when someone says or does something hurtful. You can take a moment to think to yourself, “Return to sender” – then refuse to allow their cruelty get to you.

But… my personal favorite mantra for anger will remain Ari’s “no thank you!”

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You and Ari are so rational. (I took that from a person’s reply to a different blog of yours). Yes I can really use that. I think it might work most of the time. I hope I remember to try it. If a three year old can, I surely can. : )


    Thanks for this sweet note, Kat. Ari is a very cool little dude – I learn a lot from him! And yes if a 3 year old can do this – so I can too! 🙂 xo


what a beautiful thing to say. he’s not accepting the mean-spiritedness and he’s not sending any mean back to the other child either. it’s so easy to fight mean with mean. he certainly is a cool little guy! my nickname for my daughter is Little Buddha because of the amazing things she says and does. if we just listen and respect their ideas, we can learn so much from our kids. now she’s in puberty, so the Little Buddha doesn’t come out so much, but she’ll be back…in a few years…PLEASE!!!!!!!


    Love that nickname “Little Buddha”! Kids truly have what the Buddhists call “beginner’s mind” – and can teach us so much! My little dude is going to be 4 years old this month – Ive heard how things change as they grow – so many stages of change and growth! Big hug to you and yours!! xo

Martha Liliana

I find this very timely. This morning I was driving home – it’s warm and my window was rolled down. I waited for a car in the opposite direction to pass before making a left turn, and the driver behind me called me a name as he drove past: he had moved into the left lane to try to pass a truck on the right lane, but was not able to complete his maneuver because I waited to turn.
As I continued driving home, I started to think what I could say to “dismiss” the comment… “No, thank you” is perfect!
Thank you for posting this, and to Ari for saying it!


Once had a friend that went negative constantly. When I tried to get her to change negative into positive she got hostile. I couldn’t take it any longer so one day I told her,”I’m canceling my subscription, I no longer wish to receive your issues”.
That was the end of that!

Raleigh R. Pinskey

When I was a child I was taught to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names ill never hurt me.” I’m quite a bit older now, and when the time is appropriate I will recite this. Some recipients pause, then laugh, telling me they remember it from their childhood. Younger recipients will pause, cock their head…. with a “what” look on their face. Others will shake their head, and roll their eyes in disbelief. I just smile and wait for them to engage me. If no engagement…. I will explain. I’ve only had a few people over the years give me… you know… the “that” look.

Estelle Krol

This is just BRILLIANT!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your little guy’s wisdom :-))

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