5 Ways To Be Your Kid’s Best Friend 

5 Ways To Be Your Kid’s Best Friend 

If you’re a mom or dad, you will want to know how to be your kid’s best friend as they grow and change – so your underlying bond forever remains in tact. Read on…

Parents always share a special bond with their children. But as their kids grow, dynamics change.

Many parents fear losing their friendship with their child, especially when they reach their teenage years. 

However, some parents consider it normal and make peace with the distance and try not to become too unsettled.

If you belong to the second school of anxious thought, I have a few easy ways ease your mind and keep your parental bond intact.

As you might know, I am a bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold globally.

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I love sharing insights and strategies to help people to be happier and calmer – especially during challenging times. And raising kids definitely counts as a stressful time.

So, without further ado, here are some helpful ways to be your kid’s best friend – no matter their age or stage in life.

5 Ways To Be Your Kid’s Best Friend

Read further to discover five ways to be your kid’s best friend. 

1. Stop being overprotective 

Being protective is in the DNA of parents. While it is acceptable, things begin to go sour when you turn into an overprotective parent. 

Interfering into everything associated with your kid’s life and controlling them, even if it is for their good, can drive them away from you. 

Stop forcing yourself and your decisions on them. Let them live their life the way they want. And let them make mistakes. In the end, they are going to learn from their mistakes. 

2. Lend them a listening ear 

The right way to develop a friendship with your child is by listening to them. Children always look for a confidant to bear their hearts. Be that confidant and give them an ear. 

Even if your kid tells you something irrelevant, be a good listener. Make sure you maintain eye contact and converse actively with them. Ask them questions. Show your interest. 

Knowing that you love to talk to them will bring them closer to you. 

3. Let them make their choices

Teens often feel that their parents force their choices on them. It makes them despise their parents. Do not make this mistake. Let your child follow their dreams. 

Whether it’s a career choice or a simple thing like deciding the dress they want to wear, let them make their choice and respect it. 

If they are adamant about doing something that might not be good for them in the long run, sit down with them. Try to express your viewpoint. If you fail to convince them, try not to slap your decision on their face. 

Please know: If you show some respect for their choices, they will surely trust you with their problems in the future. 

4. Always be there for them 

Wherever your kids go, they should know that you have their back. You can sow this seed of trust inside them by being there for them through thick and thin. 

Be there with them when they are in trouble. Even if their problem seems irrelevant to you, stay there and motivate them. Let them know that they are more important to you than any other thing in this world. 

It will develop a beautiful bond of trust between you. 

5. Spend time together 

Make it a point to spend time with your child, even if it is just for an hour. If responsibilities keep you busy throughout the day, sit with your child before they slip into slumber or wake up early and go on a morning walk with them. Go cycling together or hop on your adult scooter, let them ride their kids e-scooter, and enjoy a ride in your neighborhood. Or join a hobby class together. 

Just do the things they love. Just spend time with them. 

The Bottom Line On Being Your Kid’s Best Friend 

It might feel impossible to break the barrier teenage sometimes forms between you and your child, but all it needs is some time and understanding to reach their hearts. Water your little plant with love, care, and attention, and your friendship will blossom again. 

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