Best Careers in Healthcare: What’s Your Pick?

Best Careers in HealthcareIf you are looking for the best careers in healthcare and want to know more about your options, you have come to the right place. Healthcare is a vast field, with so many career options to choose from.

What you choose depends entirely on your area of interest. But before you decide, you must have all the know-how to make an informed choice for yourself.

Find out as much as you can about the healthcare industry before stepping foot into it. It is best to know what is expected of you before you decide to make the giant leap.

Your career path determines what your future will look like, so be smart about it.

I know what it’s like to want to look for a career that brings more fulfillment. I used to work in a New York advertising agency before I quit my Senior VP gig in my twenties to become a bestselling author.

I’m now committed to helping people to live their happiest, most fulfilling lives – doing work that they love. So I put together this article on best careers in healthcare.

Here are a few popular choices that you have.

Best Careers in Healthcare

Ready? Let’s explore some of the top picks for careers in healthcare.

1. Health Information Management

With the rise in data-driven industries, healthcare information management professionals are advantageous. With all this power comes responsibility, and when doctors need to treat their patients or make sure that hospitals do not lose any critical information, they should use tools like health information management systems.

The healthcare information management field takes many forms. You might work with doctors to ensure that their information is easily accessible. You might look into medical records systems used by different providers that store patient info and other related documents such charts, etc. Or, you could work for a hospital and manage its databases. You might even work for a company that specializes in handling data.

2. Healthcare Systems Engineering

The health systems engineering field focuses mainly on designing and implementing medical equipment used to help patients. This can be anything from x-ray machines to hospital beds, operating theaters, patient monitoring systems, diagnostic scanners, etc. Every hospital needs these resources to function correctly, so this field definitely has its place in the industry.

You could work for a hospital and help it work more efficiently or design your own system for a different type of facility. You might specialize in medical equipment companies and help them improve their products.

3. Healthcare Administration

A healthcare administrator could work for a hospital, nursing home, or another type of medical facility. You might set up the budget for these facilities and work with other administrators to distribute the funds. You’ll also have to make sure that employees are meeting their goals. Or you might even work on developing treatment plans for different patients so as to improve patient care.

The healthcare administrator career is incredibly diverse. You may also work in public health or another area of the medical field. You might also specialize in a particular healthcare facility, such as a hospital or nursing home.

4. Health and Medical Claims

You could work with doctors and patients to make sure that they understand the insurance policies. For example, you might work for an insurance company and make sure that medical claims are paid out promptly. Or you might also look at different procedures and ensure that they’ll be covered under specific plans.

The healthcare and medical claims field is undoubtedly rewarding but can also be incredibly stressful. You might work for a large insurance company or another type of institution, so you might have to put in long hours. You’ll also have to make difficult decisions regarding claims.

5. Surgery Technician

Have you ever dreamed of being in an operating room while doctors perform surgery? You can do that by becoming a surgery technician. You’ll work closely with the surgeon and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You might have to help with anesthesia or take some of the patient’s measurements before the procedure.

The surgery technician career isn’t for everyone, and it can be incredibly stressful. You might also have to work odd hours that don’t correspond to the typical patient schedule. However, you’ll be right in the middle of all the action when it comes time for surgery.

6. Nurse

Being a nurse means you’ll get to work with patients on a daily basis. You might have to help them get dressed or give them their medication. You might also have to work with the patient’s family members to help them feel more comfortable. You’ll also have to monitor the patient’s condition throughout the day.

The nurse career is one of the most in-demand, and it covers a wide range of possibilities. You might work directly with patients in hospitals or work for a healthcare provider and take care of their administrative needs. There are also many other options involving the nursing profession.

7. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant might work at a doctor’s office, an emergency room, or even a mobile health center. You might have to take the patient’s vitals and help set up treatment plans. You might help the doctor with specific procedures, and you might even have to perform some of them yourself.

The medical assistant career is in-demand and varied. In fact, the role is in such high demand that you’ll easily find medical assisting job postings online on sites like Adzuna. You might work directly with patients in hospitals or work for a healthcare provider and care for their administrative needs. There are also many other options involving the nursing profession.

8. Medical Coding and Billing

Medical coding is all about processing claims. Often, you’ll have to look at the patient’s diagnosis to determine the procedure performed. You might have to look at past claims to identify what procedures were performed and how much they cost. Then, you’ll have to make sure that the claims are processed correctly.

The medical billing and coding career is rewarding, but it can be incredibly taxing. You might have to look at several claims or work for a large institution, so you’ll have to work long hours. However, the healthcare and medical claims field is one of the fastest-growing, so options will always be available if you’re interested in working within it.

9. Medical Laboratory Technician

You might work in a lab and help doctors diagnose different conditions. As a result, you might test blood, urine, or other bodily fluids to ensure they’re all right. You might also help the doctor figure out the best treatment for a particular condition, and you could identify specific allergens in the patient’s environment.

The medical lab technology career is rewarding, but it can be incredibly taxing. You might have to work long hours, or you might not even know what your day is like until you get to the lab.


The healthcare industry is one of the most in-demand, rewarding fields. If you’re interested in helping people stay healthy and get better, several careers could be for you. You might work directly with patients or work behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Either way, medical careers are rewarding and fulfilling.

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