A Proven Method To Feel Happier: A Happy Thought Refiling System

How To Have More Happy Thoughts: A Thought Re-Filing Tool

Train your brain to feel happier and think happy thoughts more often. Here’s a simple thought retraining tool I’ve used – to re-file my thoughts so I can think more positively on a regular basis!

A new thought came to me recently, while I was googling some research on a new project.

Our thoughts work in the same way as a google search.

Ditto with our memories.

When our mind is searching for an “opinion” on how our life is going (aka: awesome vs. awful) we have “favorite first listings” of thoughts and memories which we tend to use to decide how we should think about ourselves and our life.

If we choose to file unhappy thoughts and unhappy memories as our first “thought listings” for what to think about  – then we wind up feeling unhappy about ourselves and our lives.

Meanwhile, we have have infinite happy thoughts and happy memories we could have chosen to think about. But these go unnoticed.

Why do we not access these happy thoughts?

Because just like with a Google search, we mainly only consider the first few listings that pop up.

And we ignore the rest of our “thought listings.”

How To Have More Happy Thoughts: A Thought Re-Filing ToolAs a result, you tend to believe that your first thought listings (the ones which immediately pop into your mind) are the truest thoughts about your life.

But this is not true.

Although specific thoughts and memories might pop up first in your mind, this does not mean these particular “thought listings” accurately represent the full story of your life!

Here’s a A Proven Method To Feel Happier

If you wanted, you could right now re-file your thoughts and memories so that happy thought listings pop up first.

As a result, you could improve your mood and perspective.

How to re-file your happy thoughts, so you feel happier…

  1. Take some time today to think about which happy thoughts and positive memories you want to start prioritizing when it comes to love, success, money, friendship, luckiness, etc…
  2. Force yourself to do a deep “google search” of your thoughts and memories. Your mission: Come up with lots of proof that you and your life are pretty darn amazing.
  3. Write down these happy thoughts and positive memories in a journal or on a sheet of paper. Label them: Positive Evidence Listings About Myself And My Life
  4. Read this “Positive Evidence” often – so these happy thoughts gets deeply embedded into your mind. You can also keep adding to the list – as new happy events happen.
  5. Consciously decide to give these new and improved “happy thoughts” and “positive listings” a “higher ranking” in your mind.
  6. Eventually, the next time you ask yourself questions like: “how do I feel my life is going?” or “how love-worthy am I?” …you will give yourself very positive answers!

Use this “Happy Thought Refiling System” regularly

If you repeatedly practice thinking your Positive Evidence Listings, you’ll naturally start to retrieve these happy thoughts and happy memories first and foremost.

As a result, you will walk around feeling happier on a daily basis.

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