6 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Happier

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself HappierIt’s time to stop getting caught up in the past and  future – and enjoy your time here right smack in the present! And I’m here to help make you feel happier – starting right now!

6 simple things you can do to make yourself happier

First I will give you tools to get clear on all the benefits of living happily in the present moment.

Plus, you’ll also find some tips to create a do-able plan to move forward into a happier future – and feel confident that you’re capable of creating the life you want for yourself.

1. Ask yourself what you presently appreciate about your life.

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself HappierStart journaling. Begin by making a list of everything and everybody you love in your life – the people, places, hobbies, and experiences, etc.

I recommend you regularly listen to your heart – in my line a day journal. Re-discover what you love in your life! Become aware of what I call “Invisible Blessings.” 

Each day try to write down 5 new things you’re newly grateful about having in your life.

Force yourself to always try to brainstorm up 5 new and very different things.

Eventually you will create a long list of invisible blessings.

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Happier

2. Accept that some aspects of life are a bit scary – and that you can’t control everything that happens.

Make a list of what you know you can control. Put the majority of your attention on the controllable aspects of your life.

Try to focus only 20% on your fears and the uncontrollable stuff (so you’re honest with yourself about the pain in your life). Then focus the majority of this remaining 80% of your time on what you can control.

Spend some time brainstorming up solutions to problems and do-able action steps.

3. Get out a calendar. Create a step by step plan for moving forward to a scary goal you might be avoiding.

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself HappierMake sure your plan has small steps.

For example, “do 15 minutes of X” – or “write 5 pages of Y” etc..

Studies show people are more likely to do a scary new habit if it’s made ridiculously simple, temptingly easy and painlessly quick to do.

Oh -and – don’t wait until you reach your goal to feel good about yourself. Be proud of every step you take.

4. Create a Pinterest Page – filled with images of all the beautiful aspects of the life you want to live!

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself HappierPractice spending time visualizing yourself living the life you want for yourself – so you become excited about your present and confident about the future you know you can create.

5. Recognize you’re never too old to create the life you want!

Stop feeling like life and love have passed you by!

I started my family late in life! You can read about it here.

Plus I helped my mom meet a new amazing partner after my father passed away. She was in her 70’s at the time!

6. Develop a meditation practice.

Regularly sit and breathe for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning.

Need help learning how to meditate? Check out my meditation guide book Instant Calm – which offers simple and fun sensory meditations.

Learn how to master your thoughts – so you can master living mindfully in the present.

If you’ve been wanting to create a regular meditation practice, but feel you’re too busy, you will love all the many fun and simple meditations I share inside Instant Calm! 

Think happier. Think calmer.

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