Top 6 Financial Planning Apps

Financial Planning AppsIf you’re looking to grow your wealth, you’ll love learning more about these top 6 financial planning apps which are convenient and effective.

One of the most essential parts of any financial plan is having a way to organize every aspect. Whether you’re putting together a complex business plan or just trying to keep track of your personal finances, having a centralized hub to help you keep track can keep you from a costly mistake.

That’s why there has been a huge boom in financial planning apps. They make it easy to keep all your accounts in one place. Plus they help you to see where you’re succeeding and where you could use some work. Whether you’re saving up for retirement or for your first place, having the right app can make a difference in your financial planning.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned that you’re more likely to do a habit if you make the habit feel as simple and fun as possible. Well, these financial planning apps make saving and investing feel easy and do-able.

What to Look For in a Financial Planning App

Financial planning apps can help everyone, no matter their level of financial literacy. But some may serve your interests better. The first step is to figure out your priorities and pick the financial planning app geared toward that area. You can even use multiple based on your finances.

If you’re focused on saving and investing, you may be interested in an app that offers up-to-the-minute stock details. If your focus is on budgeting, look for an app that offers extensive and customized spreadsheets to keep track of every detail. There are many apps out there. So be sure to know what you need before installing – if you want to enhance your user experience. 

1. Personal Capital

This app is ideal for anyone with multiple accounts to track. It’ll organize your 401(k) and IRA accounts, like ROTH or SEP IRA, along with any mortgages or loans you need to manage. The app is geared towards investors and provides detailed breakdowns of any portfolios to follow the trends. The Personal Capital app also has budgeting tools and offers expert advice for anyone looking to determine if a current investment is moving in a good direction. 

2. Mint

This is a good all-purpose app ideal for anyone whose focus is on keeping a stable budget. You set your budget at the start of the month, and not only will it help you track expenses, but it’ll send you an alert when you’re over budget for the month. This is also a good app for a general financial overview, letting you see your finances on both a macro and micro level. It’s a relatively simple app to use, so good for someone’s first financial app. 

3. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Like the name says, this is almost entirely a budgeting app. Not only does it have budgeting software that makes it easy to put your budget into practice, but it offers handy visual aids that show you where you are in relation to what you have available. It also has a convenient advice and literature section, so you’ll have the benefit of some expert assistance if this is your first time setting a budget.

4. PocketGuard

If your money seems to disappear every month and you find yourself going over budget without really knowing why PocketGuard may be what you need. This app connects all your accounts and tracks your expenses, focusing on what expenses are recurring most often. It’ll pinpoint where your money is going and also allow you to export any documents to a private spreadsheet. 

5. Goodbudget

This app uses a feature called the envelope system that makes it easier to set a budget. The app breaks down your budget into different categories, allowing you to sort them without handling the whole sum upfront. You can add as many accounts as you want as well as entire on-hand cash amounts. It’s considered one of the best apps for couples who want to track their joint finances on a single system. 

5. Honeydue

This is another app on the market designed for couples who want to track their finances together. While others can be adapted to that purpose, Honeydue has features designed with that in mind, like allowing two people to upload separately and even customize privacy settings for their partner. It also has one of the most helpful features on budget apps—automatic alerts when you’re close to going over, so there will be no unpleasant surprises in the bill. 

Ready to Upgrade to Financial Planning Apps?

Any of these apps can make it much easier to manage your budget and finances. The right one for you depends on your financial need. All of these are free, so don’t be afraid to try them out and discover which is the right choice to wrangle your monthly finances. 

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