Upgrading the Working World: Industries That Need Women

Upgrading the Working World: Industries That Need WomenAlthough we are in a world where men, women, or anybody who identifies accordingly should be treated as individuals, it’s safe to say there are concerns that humanity is taking a step back.

When we look at career progression or business dealings, women are still viewed as lesser entities, in terms of pay or are considered completely inferior.

While there are jobs where women earn more than men, these are few and far between!

There are job sectors where women are not just considered assets to bringing certain industries kicking and screaming into the 21st century. But women can help that industry take steps in the right direction to create a more thriving, dynamic, and diverse workforce. (For example, I just wrote an article about some of the best female chefs in the world!)

I’m writing this article because I’m a multi-bestselling entrepreneur, with about 2 million books and courses sold globally.

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3 Industries That Need Women

Coming up I will show you three industries where women are needed and how women can start to show up more in the working world in these careers. 

1. The Automotive Industry

One of the standard industries that do not provide the same level of support and progression for women. While there are some women in executive roles, the real solution should be about giving women an entryway into the more mechanically oriented parts of the automotive industry. But if somebody does not know how to utilize Shelby GT500 performance parts or other niche components, the lack of inclusiveness makes it difficult for women to permeate.

One of the biggest problems…

Mechanics can be old-fashioned individuals, even the younger ones.

In order for the industry to progress as a whole, it is essential to start diversifying and providing entryways for everyone, not just those who have grown up around cars. 

Even those women who grew up helping their fathers or grandfathers fix the family car don’t progress into mechanics, partly due to the lack of inclusivity. The best solution is to provide a more inclusive environment and make positive steps to fix the culture of the automotive industry. 

Providing equal pay and having leaders in positions who can operate without those metaphorical “blinkers” on can help to bring about a sea change.

Another big problem with the automotive industry…

It can be considered a bit of a boys club. There are still plenty of people that, unfortunately, occupy the automotive industry that embodies completely unsavory attitudes, not just the women but to all manner of society. Having women break into the automotive industry can be a long road, but an achievable one.

2. Construction and Contracting

Another area that has been unfair in the treatment of women because of its antiquated point of view, the construction industry has progressed without much in the way of evolution.

Similar to the automotive industry, there are so many areas that require physical strength, but it’s physical strength that is completely achievable by women! The fact is that the construction industry is not just lacking in women, but it’s lacking workers in every single discipline

This can be attributed to the baby boomer generation retiring without people to replace them. As the last two decades saw more people going into digital industries, these physical skills have disappeared.

It’s not just endemic in the world of work…

The last 20 years have seen many people become less “handy” when it comes to the simplest of practices, whether it’s putting up a shelf or fixing a blockage in the toilet. It’s this lack of skill that we can capitalize on, especially women! 

There is a greater need for skilled workers in manual labor and it is becoming a big problem. Because of many concerns in relation to the economy of the modern world, this might be the perfect opportunity for a woman to change careers and learn skills to differentiate themselves and actually earn more than the average worker. From carpenters to blacksmiths, plumbers to electricians, the fact is that there are so few available, there is such a demand for physically skilled workers, anybody can clean up! 

Of course, there are other aspects of the construction and contracting industries, such as management or marketing, but to truly make an impact, a woman could find an entryway into the construction industry, where, it’s safe to say, is dangerously underrepresented!

3. Web Design

While web design is an industry with great projected growth, women are still disproportionate in the sector, where 37.7% of all web designers are women and 62.3% are men.

Why is there an issue in this industry?

While a diverse workforce is critical, the fact is that while the IT industry, in general, can be very lucrative, it seems there is a disconnect between young women and IT. The perception that working with computers is not feminine or the lack of women progressing to study computer science at a degree level seems to suggest a lot of women were pushed away from computer-related subjects at such a young age or were given the impression that it is an isolating or potentially boring industry. 

Web development is not the same as working in a small enclosed room of a large business typing out lines of code. A web developing career is about talent, and because there’s a variety of opportunities in the web design industry, for example, working as a freelancer to help businesses create their web pages, shows that there is the opportunity to be creative, diverse, and work in an industry where no two days are the same. 

The great thing about the web design industry…

It is focused on skill rather than gender. There are more people than ever changing careers later in life to work in IT because of a need for more balance in their lives, but it’s also an industry with a lot of training resources. The fact is that we all engage with technology every day, and it is not a massive leap to suggest that we can all work in the IT sector. It means you can work at home and have a balance in your life, but it also means that you are working in an incredibly lucrative industry. 

Digital skills are incredibly important going forward, and as AI tools are on the increase, differentiating yourself by being a creative web designer can position individuals in such a fast-moving industry.

The Future of Women in Underrepresented Industries 

The most challenging part of breaking into any industry where somebody is underrepresented is about making a case for hiring them in the first place. It’s up to businesses to provide for women in a number of different ways.

These could include some of the following: 

  • Providing training opportunities. 
  • Adjusting the current policies, for example, changing their hiring practices. 
  • Increasing visibility, for example, promoting stories via social media or on the company’s website. 
  • Adjusting policies and making changes in key areas, for example, hiring practices. 
  • More networking events, which can bring together more people in the industry to share best practices and make connections. 
  • Mentorship programs, which could include access to knowledgeable professionals and other women who have started to dominate certain industries. 

There are a number of industries that demand upgrading to bring it into the modern world. Because we’re still talking about the fact that women are underrepresented in many different sectors, it is even more critical to tackle this through some of the above practices. 

In industries where companies are not necessarily so keen to bring women on board, there has to be a seismic change in attitudes. This will not happen overnight, but for those women out there who have felt discouraged from entering a specific job role, they need to do what they can to push forward and change their attitudes. It is a long road, but it can be done.

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