Is Your Partner Going To Leave You? 9 Subtle Signs They Might

9 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Going To Leave You

If you’re worried about a break up, here are subtle signs your partner is going to leave you so you can mend your relationship (if you want).

Nobody wants to think about the prospect of their partner leaving them. But in modern relationships, it happens a lot. For whatever reason, the romance or the passion comes to an end for one party, and they want to get out of the situation. 

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With this mind, in this article, I will explore the signs your partner might want to break up.

9 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Going To Leave You

Here are some of the signs that your partner is going to leave you. 

1. They’re No Longer Interested In Physical Intimacy 

One sign you’ll want to look out for is a lack of interest in physical intimacy. Passions will decrease from time to time, but if they disappear altogether, it could be a bad omen. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong, but it is a good indicator.  

2. They Disapprove Of You Regularly

Your partner disapproving of you from time to time is normal. Sometimes, you make genuine mistakes and you’re not proud of them.

But when relationships go wrong, disapproval becomes more frequent. All of a sudden, they stop paying attention to you, even if you’re going through difficult circumstances. 

3. They Go Silent On You

Being the recipient of the silent treatment is never a pleasant experience. It can leave you wondering what’s gone wrong. But it is a sign that your relationship is on the rocks, particularly if you haven’t seen this type of behavior from your partner before.

Most couples resolve issues by fighting, nagging, or arguing. But if there’s a complete shutdown going on, that could indicate that the relationship is in much deeper trouble. If someone won’t express their feelings, they may simply not care about the relationship anymore. They may have a profound sense of apathy toward what’s going on. 

4. They Want A Break

If your spouse goes on a break, it could only be a matter of months before you are going through a divorce procedure. Breaks usually mean that someone’s situation has changed and they don’t want to go back. Perhaps they don’t love you any more or they simply can’t cope with being around you. In other cases, they’ve found someone else and are exploring a relationship with them. 

Taking a break sometimes seems logical. If you’ve been fighting a lot, having a “cooling off” period seems to make a lot of sense. However, what usually happens is that your partner suddenly discovers all the freedom they now have and they begin to enjoy it.

5. They Want Separate Financial Accounts

Having separate financial accounts, or getting wages paid into another account, is another sign things aren’t quite right between you and your partner. They may want to cover their financial tracks so you can’t see what they’re doing. Or they may simply want autonomy away from you to do what they want. The reasons for this could be benign, such as they are just interested in finances all of a sudden. Or they could be more severe, such as covering up secret holidays with their other lovers

6. They Constantly Pay Attention To Their Appearance

There’s nothing wrong with working on your appearance from time to time. In fact, it can be a great way to keep the spark going in your relationship. 

However, if your partner is constantly paying attention to how they look, it could be a bad sign. Perhaps it isn’t for you at all but rather the person they are seeing outside of the relationship. 

7. They Stop Updating Their Social Media Accounts

Zero activity on social media accounts is a little suspicious. When a partner never updates their profile or shows people what they are up to, it’s time to take note. Again, it could be because they don’t approve of sharing their personal data with social network firms. But more likely is that they are hiding something from you or other people. 

8. They Want To Spend More Time Away From Home

Spending a little time away from home is okay, particularly if there is a good reason for it. But avoiding home completely is a sign of trouble. It usually means that they simply don’t want to spend any time with you any more. 

9. They Don’t Express Their Love

This is a big one. If your partner stops expressing their love, it usually means that they feel torn. They want to leave the relationship, but they worry about the effect that it might have on their personal circumstances. It doesn’t always mean that they are in love with someone else, but they might be. 

In summary: Signs Your Partner Might Leave You

Basically, there isn’t just one sign that means that your partner will leave you. But if you notice a pattern emerging, take note.

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